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Delivery of goods from the port of Xinghang

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Xinggang

Shipping and imports from China are indeed quite slow and require much more foresight and planning than national procurement.

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Trucking as a model of delivery of goods from Europe

International road transport of goods is one of the most popular and demanded ways of transporting goods across Europe. Medium and small businesses in Ukraine often use this model for sending from Europe to Ukraine and for exporting Ukrainian goods to EU countries due to the availability and optimal time-cost-safety ratio.

Advantages of road transport on the Europe-Ukraine line:

  • ample opportunities of the LCL model → the cost of delivery of groupage cargo is significantly lower for each owner of the goods participating in the Less-than-container Load scheme
  • the ability to send several cargo vehicles (TC) with a single package of documents for the FCL-model → optimization of administrative time and budget
  • transportation of groupage cargo using the vehicle of reliable partners-subcontractors under the control of the general operator represented by the company “Hals Market”
  • transportation in containers, refrigerated trucks;
  • the ability to select a customs control point at the border, taking into account the workload → reduced delivery time
  • using auto delivery as a component of multimodal (combined) transportation
  • fast and inexpensive delivery of small batches, small-sized goods
  • frequent scheduled flights
  • possibility of door-to-door delivery

High efficiency of delivery of goods from Europe as part of an LCL container by road is achieved due to the consolidation of goods at the nearest warehouse. Brokerage and logistics holding “Hals Market” has leased consolidated warehouses in the EU countries (Poland, Germany, Hungary). For shipment, a prefabricated party is formed, taking into account the requirements for joint transportation. Then the company managers draw up an individual route, taking into account the class and other characteristics of the groupage cargo.

International sea transport

Cargo transportation EU-Ukraine / Ukraine-ЄC by sea will be the best solution for container transportation of large consignments from abroad. It should be borne in mind that sea freight often takes more time in comparison with auto and air delivery. At the same time, sea transportation is less expensive in comparison with other transport schemes. The terms of sea delivery on the Ukraine-EU logistics section are 7-25 days.

Among the advantages of container transportation by sea on the EU-Ukraine line, it is worth highlighting:

  • favorable transportation price
  • Affordable Freight Rates, Strong Market
  • groupage cargo delivery

Our logistics specialists will prepare an individual proposal for shipping. Brokerage and logistics company calculates freight offers based on the following criteria: overall dimensions, weight of goods, distance (freight rates are lower for long-distance distance), collection and delivery (further internal transport is required to move the goods from the port to the address), type of shipment (the nature of the goods may affect transportation), insurance (additional coverage can be purchased for extra cargo protection), customs clearance (for international sea freight fees apply).

Benefits of shipping products by sea

Flexibility: the ability to bring a wide variety of objects with a wide choice of routes and vessels.

Inexpensive: low rates while delivering large quantities over long distances.

Environmentally friendly: the most environmentally friendly mode of transport when comparing fuel consumption with the weight of the transported object.

Security: shipping is the safest form of international shipments.

Ability to safely transport dangerous goods prohibited in other services.

Lower maintenance costs compared to rail or road.

Container type

If you choose full download, you have several options to choose from:

1. FCL 20 inches (volume: 33.2 m³)

2. FCL 40 inches (volume: 67.7 m³)

3. FCL 40 inches HQ (volume: 76.3 m³)

4. FCL 45 inches HQ (volume: 85.9 m³)

International sea transport is a very economical solution for transporting a large amount of cargo that is not time critical. Cargo ships are commonly used to carry bulk cargo. These goods are packed in containers that can be filled by one or more importers. Whether you need an FCL or LCL delivery, brokerage and logistics company arranges shipping of your goods by sea freight and other efficient transport services.

Sea Freight From China – A Complete Guide

Sometimes it is quite difficult to find useful information on how the Chinese shipping and their shipping works. This is a big problem for small business owners who import from the heavenly empire on a daily basis. In the article, the reader will get a good basic understanding of sea transport from China, and find out what services for the delivery of goods from the port of Xinghang are provided and what to look for.

Terms of International Trade

Incoterms Trade Terms are international standards that define when and where cargo is transferred between a supplier and an importer. We will not go into details here on this particular issue, as it is dealt with separately with each client.

Shipping logistics is not just for importers buying large quantities from China. When you want to import by container, FCL (full container load) is the right and cheapest choice if you are calculating by price per kilogram. LCL (Less than Container Load) is available for small business owners and small batch buyers. Basically, you can send very small batches – even less than a cubic meter. & Nbsp;

Who coordinates the shipping?

Everything is very simple, the only thing you need to do is tell the supplier that you want the cargo to be delivered as CIF (“Cost, Insurance and Freight”, which in English means “Cost, insurance and freight “). You just need to specify the port where the container should arrive, and the rest will be done for you. The downside is that you pay a little more than if you did the work yourself.

As you can see, you can also arrange the delivery yourself. This does not mean that you will go to China, pick up the goods there and sail back. This can be done from the comfort of your home or office with the help of a supply and logistics agent. You will be offered discounts for a fairly small annual fee. The freight forwarder then coordinates your delivery from the Chinese dealer to the port closest to you, or even to a location in the country (such as your department store).

Do I have to pay taxes or duties in China?

No, you do not need to pay export tax when importing from Celestial Empire. However, you must pay for the transportation to the export port and for the related paperwork to process. Both are included in all terms from FOB (Free on Board) onwards, so you don’t need to worry about them unless you choose EXW as your terms.

How about insurance?

Insurance is included if you choose CIF. However, the definition of insurance varies depending on the carrier. If you allow suppliers to ship, you have no control over how it is delivered, and it may be the cheapest. Our advice is to contact your local shipping agent if you want to know what the insurance actually covers.

Travel time between China (in particular from Port Xingang) and most of Europe is about 29-35 days. However, please note that it takes several days or even a whole week before the goods are loaded into the China export port. The same applies to the point of arrival. It sometimes takes 2-3 days to transport and prepare your order. This is also one of the main reasons for the recent renewed focus on Europe and the United States. Some buyers calculate the order 3 months before the goods arrive at the warehouse.

What happens when the order arrives?

When a container ship arrives, delivering goods from Asia, the containers are unloaded. Some of them are checked by local customs, but most of the containers are sent effortlessly to the port. Whether the supplier was in charge of the shipment or you took control of the shipment, you now need to pay fees such as VAT, port dues, service charges, etc. & nbsp;

How do I get my things on arrival? You have two options; either you go there yourself and receive the goods, or you ask your freight forwarder to load it into a truck and transport it to your desired destination. As soon as the cargo arrives at the port, you will most likely be informed by one of the port managers. In most cases, you can also use this contact to arrange transport.