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Delivery from the port of Montreal

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Montreal

How to order international sea transportation and services for the delivery of goods from the port of Montreal? Send us your requirements and we will organize the entire process according to an individual plan.

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Canada is considered one of the richest countries in the world. Not only various industries are concentrated here, but also natural resources in the form of forests, minerals, etc. One of the largest ports in the country is the port of Montreal. And every year a lot of cargo passes through this port, which are not only imported into the country, but also exported to other countries around the world.

Thanks to the free trade agreement between Ukraine and Canada, many companies from these two countries have active economic and trade relations. And the export-import of goods with this distant country is gaining more and more popularity. Exotic fruits, dried fruits, sugar, rice and other crops that are not grown in Canada, jute, metals, including precious metals, gasoline and much more, are imported to Canada. But the import of goods includes a large number of cars, timber and logging materials. Canada is also rich in fish, oil products, oil, iron, etc.

Shipping logistics with Canada

Sea transportation of all types of product delivery is considered the most profitable. Of course, if speed is important to you, since perishable goods are the cargo or you need to comply with the minimum terms, container delivery by sea will definitely not suit you. Nevertheless, international sea transportation allows great savings on shipping. For many entrepreneurs, this nuance is a very valuable indicator, since it reduces the cost of the final cost of the product, which means that the product becomes competitive and attractive to buyers.

Brokerage and logistics company “Hals-Market” offers a wide range of logistics services:

  • Delivery of goods by sea with full escort;
  • Forwarder services;
  • Customs clearance of cargo and preparation of all necessary customs documentation;
  • Cargo insurance, which will protect customers from possible financial losses;
  • Loading of goods on a ship and unloading it at the port of destination;
  • Assistance in storage of goods in port warehouses or company warehouses and much more.

It is also important to note that, if necessary, the Hals-Market company will pick up the goods from the point of issue and deliver it to the required address. For this, there is a large fleet of various trucks with different carrying capacities. So, each client will be able to choose a suitable delivery option for himself.

Delivery of cargo from the port of Montreal to Ukraine

Delivery of goods from Canada is very popular among Ukrainians. And this applies not only to large companies and manufacturing enterprises, but also to individuals, for example, car buyers from Canada, who have chosen their favorite model on the international marketplace. The bulk of exports from Ukraine to Canada are the following groups of goods:

  • scrap metal;
  • lumber;
  • joinery;
  • sporting goods;
  • textile products;
  • agricultural products;
  • spare parts for locomotives, etc.

Speaking about the goods that are most often imported from Canada to Ukraine, the following can be distinguished:

  • whiskey;
  • equipment and machinery;
  • cars;
  • fish and seafood;
  • pharmaceutical products;
  • navigation systems;
  • plant seeds and many other things that are of great interest to our compatriots.

Sea transportation of goods from the port of Montreal together with Hals-Market

Every year, trade and economic relations between Ukraine and Canada are becoming stronger and stronger. And even more and more Ukrainian goods are being imported to Canada. This is especially true for those product groups that Canada does not produce itself. And imported goods do not harm domestic production in any way. On the contrary, thanks to the latest high-tech equipment, we are developing our own economy.

Delivery of goods from the port of Montreal is one of the priority areas of the brokerage and logistics company “Hals-Market”. Delivery of goods can be carried out by container method with various configurations. In addition, delivery is made in special containers, including refrigerated ones, when strict adherence to the temperature regime is required.

If the cargo is oversized, there is no point in hiring a whole container to transport it. In this case, consolidated cargo will come to the rescue. Thus, several small cargoes are placed in one container, which are sent to different recipients. For bulky cargo, it makes sense to hire a separate container. This is especially true for large companies and enterprises. The managers of the company will help to calculate the cost of each individual delivery to customers, since the cost depends on many factors, including the type of product, its physical characteristics and the time required for delivery.