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Delivery from the USA to Ukraine

A wide variety of goods are supplied from the American continent: cars, spare parts, industrial goods.

Delivery of goods from the USA by air or sea

For several years, Ukraine has been breaking records in terms of trade cooperation with the United States of America. In particular, in 2017-2019, trade between the two countries grew faster than the average. In the United States, Ukrainian business imports raw materials, cheap and high-tech groups of goods. In turn, from overseas we receive coal, vehicles, agricultural machinery and other equipment, as well as low-cost goods. Statistics show the growth of trade turnover between Ukraine and the United States annually by 5-7%. The development of partnerships has naturally influenced the freight market. Today international sea transportation along the Ukraine-USA line is the most demanded service.

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Features of the geographical location of the American continent predetermined the specifics of the logistics market. If you need to deliver American goods, you can choose one of two directions – shipping by sea or air freight from the United States.

The largest North American country has about 400 seaports. Not surprisingly, in terms of the volume of cargo transportation by water transport, American carriers are leading in the global list. An average of 28 million containers are dispatched annually from US commercial seaports. For fast and high-quality delivery of high-value goods, sea freight logistics based on three pillars is required:

  • partnership with reliable contractors and qualified personnel
  • precise development of the route “from the sender to the recipient”
  • selection of the optimal type of transportation for a particular cargo

Depending on the volume and characteristics of the transported goods, one of the most suitable logistics schemes is selected:

  • groupage cargo transportation by air / sea vessels
  • multimodal (combined) transportation
  • container transportation by sea

Brokerage and logistics holding “Hals Market” cooperates with contractors at strategic points of the US marine logistic map. When carrying out international cargo transportation, we actively interact with the largest ports in the United States. Port of New York and New Jersey, Philadelphia, Port of Oakland, Baltimore, Port of Savannah, Boston, Detroit, Port of New Orleans, Port of Seattle and Tacoma, Los Angeles, Miami, Pensacola (FL), Portland (Maine), Port of Houston, Port of Texas City are just a part of the logistics partners of Ukrainian carriers in the field of water transport.

The port of New York is rightfully considered the largest trade and transport hub in the United States, with an indicator of 40% of the country’s total cargo turnover. Although the annual cargo handling volumes at the New York port are lagging behind Rotterdam (Europe’s largest port), the value of the goods transported is higher. The concentration of 170 international lines and a high rate of ship traffic (more than 50 units per day) guarantee the high productivity of the largest US port. Other major shipping hubs on the North Atlantic coast include Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston.

The Port of Los Angeles is a key US maritime logistics hub on the Pacific Coast. Brokerage and logistics companies are provided with a full range of sea transportation services: container and liquid cargo transportation, Ro-Ro road transportation, bulk goods transshipment, etc. In general, the American port logistics system presupposes a narrow specialization of each cargo transshipment point. In particular, the delivery of raw materials for the chemical industry is carried out through Houston or Gaveston. If the task is to send agricultural products, most likely the movement of cargo will go through the port of New Orleans. Delivery of vehicles, railway locomotives and wagons, agricultural machinery (tractors, combines, mowers, etc.) is provided by the Port of Charleston. Transportation of products of woodworking companies is the prerogative of the Port of Miami. Agricultural and general cargo routes mainly pass through the commercial ports of Chester and Chicago. You can order container shipping from the United States through the sea hubs of Los Angeles, Oakland, Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Portland, Charleston, Chester and New York. Freight traffic between the United States and European countries predominantly passes through the North Atlantic section of the continent.

When ordering delivery from the USA by sea at Hals Market, you get a number of undeniable advantages:

  • selection of the optimal delivery scheme for the price
  • meeting deadlines
  • safety of property
  • optimization of transport costs
  • guarantees and mutually beneficial cooperation

A wide partner network in the US shipping market allows the specialists of our company to find solutions to the most complex logistics problems. We provide customs brokerage and logistics support for the most complex (in terms of transportation) goods, including bulky, oversized and dangerous goods. Due to the well-functioning processes at each stage of cargo transportation by sea from the USA to Ukraine, we are always confident in the result when fulfilling an order. Along with the most popular routes, sea transport is possible from points such as Port Hampton Roads, Port Baton Rouge, Port Plakeminza, Port Lake Charles, Port Mobile, Port San Juan, Port Colona and Port Callao.

To solve most of the transport problems, we use the container shipping method. The ability to transport from one consignment of goods to thousands of units of various goods belonging to different consignees ensures high flexibility and efficiency of container transportation. Standardized 20/40 ‘containers are versatile. Large container containers are used for the delivery of vehicles (cars, motor vehicles, light trucks) and motorized special equipment (boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, etc.) of standard sizes. To send cars from the USA without shipping containers, RO-RO vessels with an open loading method are also used.

If necessary, deliver goods from the States specialists of the Hals Market brokerage and logistics company will select the best route and method of transportation for you. For delivery from any city in the United States, we develop a multimodal transportation plan, combining transportation by road and sea. For the implementation of some programs, it is possible to include the Port of South Louisiana, Port Beaumont, Port Long Beach, Port Charleston and other maritime hubs in the route.

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