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Delivery of goods from the port of Singapore

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Singapore

How to order international sea transportation and cargo delivery services from the port of Singapore? Send us your requirements and we will organize the whole process according to an individual plan.

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Export and import of goods from the port of Singapore

Asia today is one of the most important nodes of commodity circulation and production. The largest factories are located here, which are exported, including. Brokerage and logistics company “GALS MARKET” has been providing the service sea international transportation for more than ten years, and Asia all this time has been very demanded directions of our activity. Delivery from the port of Singapore with strict adherence to customer requirements, and logistics are built in such a way as to achieve an optimal balance of safety, cost and delivery time.

Delivery of goods from Asia

The East is home to most of the world’s population, about sixty percent, for which this part of the planet is called the “workshop of the world.” Today, no one is surprised by the words “Made in China” or the phrase “everything is made in China”. So, it is from here that goods are delivered to North and South America, Africa and Eurasia. According to some reports, the European Union annually imports more than four hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese products – where transportation is estimated at millions of tons.

At the same time, the contribution of other Asian states also remains important: South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, which also fill European markets with their finished products. 

Due to the remoteness of the powers export of goods is carried out:

  • by sea – they have a number of advantages, including the ability to deliver oversized luggage at a reasonable price, the disadvantage in this case is the duration of transportation; 
  • air transportation – this type is expensive and significantly limits the customer’s volume, but when it comes to the turnover of high-tech goods, where the speed of transportation is important, aviation is indispensable;
  • railway lines – the development of the railway network changes the situation and inclines consumers due to its competitive price;
  • e-commerce – the delivery does not use traditional distribution networks, as the focus is on the geographic fragmentation of delivery.

Based on the requirements of the consumer, the specialists of the GALS MARKET holding will select a suitable option for logistics between different cities of Ukraine and Asia, taking into account fundamental factors: cost, reliability and deadlines. 

Services for the delivery of goods from the port of Singapore

Southeast Asia is home to Singapore – a highly developed city-state with a favorable investment climate, a highly competitive environment, leading places in the ratings of economic freedom, a highly educated and disciplined population, and a strong growth the level of well-being. It is the largest trading power in the region.

Since independence from the British Crown, in the second half of the twentieth century, the country has been actively developing its economy and today is one of the four “Asian tigers” (countries that demonstrated very high the rate of economic development).

Due to its territorial location, it is an important transport hub for trade throughout the world, and also successfully competes with other countries in the region. The city is crossed by several sea and air trade routes.

The port of Singapore, located on the shortest route between the Indian and Pacific oceans, plays an important role in the economy of the entire state. Today it is one of the world’s largest ports (this also includes Shanghai, Rotterdam, Hong Kong). About one hundred and fifty vessels of various types and tonnages enter the terminals every day. Import of goods of Singapore origin from Ukraine includes the following elements:

  • digital equipment – smartphones, PCs, integrated circuits, smart cards;
  • medical goods – orthopedic products, blood serum;
  • polymers;
  • thermal systems;
  • refrigeration units.

Every year, the port handles almost half of the world’s oil supplies, and in general transships one fifth of the world’s cargo turnover.

We also note air transportation, which is carried out through the international airport “Changi”, its turnover exceeds 1.5 million tons.

Logistics of sea transportation from the company “GALS MARKET”

Holding specialists carefully study the client’s request and select a profitable logistics route. We provide services for the two most affordable transfer models by sea: Full Container Load – full filling of the warehouse with goods for one client and Less-than-container Load – for different recipients. Cooperating with us, the client is guaranteed to receive first-class service, with minimal risks at an affordable price, as well as in compliance with strict deadlines. The cost of delivery can be specified by the phone numbers indicated on the website.