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The most cost-effective and widespread method of transporting goods over long distances in the world

Sea Freight

Thanks to many years of experience in the maritime container transport market and cooperation with leading shipping lines, we offer:

  • Development of an optimal logistics scheme for cargo delivery;
  • Competitive freight rates;
  • Minimum terms of sea transportation;
  • Reservation of seats on the ship;
  • Delivery of empty containers to the sender’s warehouse for loading, delivery of cargo to the port of departure,
  • Registration of the necessary documentation; re-stuffing of cargo into a container on the territory of the port;
  • Tracking the location of the cargo along its entire route.
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Sea transportation is a profitable service for any business

Transportation by sea routes is one of the most economical models for transporting commercial cargo over long distances. The forwarding company “GALS MARKET” has been providing services in this highly specialized field since 2015. During our active activity in the market of transporting various goods, transporting bulk cargo by sea and transporting cars, we have created an extensive partner network in the countries of East Asia and Europe. The most popular direction of sea transportation of goods to China and delivery of goods from China to Ukraine has been fully mastered by us, which allows us to provide our client with a range of services for the implementation of the most complex business tasks. For companies cooperating with European counterparties, we are ready to develop an optimal logistics route, provide forwarding support and transportation through European ports.

Why shipping by sea relevant at all times? We know the answer for sure. All thanks to the complex of competitive advantages of logistics on water transport in cases when it is required to move consignments of goods or non-standard / dangerous / oversized cargo over long distances.

  • economy and cost optimization

In cases where the points of origin and destination do not have a continuous land connection, sea transportation has practically no alternatives. It is possible to consider air transportation, but the cost of air delivery services will be much higher. The advantage of using sea and river vessels in logistic activities is also the ability to draw up combined routes to optimize timing and financial costs. Experience in the delivery of the most complex cargo packages – from cars and expensive equipment to building materials, food, fragile and dangerous goods – allows us to draw up the best route in terms of delivery time and budget. In particular, shipping logistics can include combinations of sea, road and rail. A properly designed and implemented freight forwarding service plan is a substantial amount of savings that can be used to grow your business.

  • no restrictions on cargo parameters

Choosing container transportation by sea freight, you can order delivery and / or dispatch of goods with any characteristics. This can be a large batch of finished products, raw materials, perishable goods, cargo of non-standard configuration (special equipment), cars or valuable special cargo of small volume.

  • cargo safety

We have both universal and marine special containers at our disposal. Depending on the parameters of the transported batch and the requirements for transportation, we can offer our customers standard large-capacity ISO containers of various types. To deliver high-density heavy cargo to the country of destination, we provide 20-foot DC (Dry Container). For moving bulk and / or non-standard cargo, 40-foot containers or High Cube containers are suitable. If one of the conditions for the safety and integrity of the transportation object is compliance with the temperature regime, refrigerators are used. We carry out transportation of oversized objects in open areas using a fastening system (Flat Rack). Tank containers are designed for liquid and gaseous substances. If there is a need to place a large batch in one container, you can pick up an enlarged container 45- / 48- / 53-foot models.

A reliable closing mechanism, fixing the container / equipment inside, sealing the container and the presence of a guarantee, carriers, according to the contract, minimize the risk of damage to the goods. Moreover, cooperation with trusted counterparties and risk hedging allows you to reduce the threat of damage to your property to zero.

  • legal guarantees enshrined in international and national law

The transport and forwarding activities of the GALS MARKET company are aimed at creating comfortable favorable conditions for doing business for our clients and partners. That is why we pay special attention to the legal sphere. The legal and financial and economic departments ensure and control the conduct of operations related to international transportation: mutual settlements with foreign counterparties (transfer of payment for the cost of goods to the supplier, payment of freight, transshipment, storage, etc.), registration of customs documentation, certification of imported goods in accordance with legislation. Possession of the legal intricacies of international logistics allows us to guarantee the delivery of goods with an impeccable package of documents.

Multimodal transportation is the best solution for business

The lack of a direct message between the sender and the recipient is not an obstacle today. In such cases, the specialists of the logistics department develop the optimal route, combining sea and land transportation.

Benefits of Multimodal Freight Forwarding Services:

  • door-to-door delivery with a guarantee
  • working with one logistics company
  • favorable pricing policy
  • choosing the optimal delivery and design model goods
  • the ability to interact with the employee responsible for your project 24/7
  • legal protection of the transported property
  • presence at all points of customs clearance
  • < li> proven contractors

  • stable logistics network

In accordance with the contract of freight forwarding services, we are your personal logistics agent responsible for the delivery of personal property or commercial cargo. Depending on the direction, our clients receive cargo from a foreign manufacturer / private consignor directly to their warehouse, or the client’s counterparty abroad receives the shipped cargo at a convenient point of receipt.

The active presence of the company “GALS MARKET” in the market of transport services – multimodal transportation of goods from China, sea transportation of goods to Asia, sea transportation of goods to the USA – allows you to flexibly respond to changes in market conditions, customs legislation, international and Ukrainian norms of foreign economic activity , requirements for international carriers, etc.

For the convenience of customers, representatives of the company “GALS MARKET” carry out customs clearance in all customs terminals. Depending on the requirements of the individual logistics program, the shipment / delivery of goods via multimodal transportation can be carried out in the following points:

  • Southern regional customs (Odessa, Ilyichevsk seaports)
  • Kiev / Nikolaev / Kharkov / Dnepropetrovsk regional customs
  • customs points on the land border with the EU

Why do we recommend multimodal transportation? To solve complex logistics problems, such as sea transportation of dangerous goods or expensive special equipment, complex logistics “door-to-door” allows us to organize the process at each point of the route. Loading, processing, transshipment, storage and delivery directly to the recipient – all processes and procedures are under the control of our specialists.

When ordering freight forwarding services for the delivery of goods from Europe, you receive an offer of mutually beneficial cooperation from us. We have created favorable conditions for working in the European market thanks to a wide partner network and a consolidated warehouse in Germany.

Sea carriage of cars is a popular direction both in commercial logistics and for private clients. Experience in this area allows us to guarantee the safety of expensive vehicles and the correctness of customs clearance. Delivery times are stipulated in the contract, and new cars will replenish your fleet on time.

If you have any questions, the specialists of the GALS MARKET company will answer you in any convenient form and help you find the best transportation option.