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Transportation by sea of containers is rightfully considered one of the most inexpensive and promising types of logistics services.

Container shipping

The business efficiency of international container transportation is best demonstrated by the dynamic development of the market. In particular, in 2018, the export and import of containers grew by 30% and 19%, respectively. In 2019, the trend continued, and in the total transshipment volume, containerized cargo transportation amounted to 46% in the export and 48% in the import directions. In the total cargo turnover, a significant share of export-import supplies and transit falls on sea container transportation. The presence of two large commercial ports – Odessa and Black Sea – provides ample opportunities for Ukrainian business. In the sector of container deliveries of goods through the seaports of Ukraine, the dynamics of 2019 also indicates the relevance of delivery by sea – the volume of container traffic through the ports increased by 20% and reached 1 million per year.

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International container transportation of goods

During the period of active development of the logistics market in Ukraine, the multimodal commercial company “GALS MARKET” also demonstrates growth trends, providing support for the export and import of goods through key customs points – at Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Kharkov and South regional customs. The presence of the company’s customs brokers in the Odessa and Black Sea ports and cooperation with foreign companies allows us to control every stage of international cargo transportation on container ships, guaranteeing customers safety and delivery on time.

Why is it profitable to order container transportation by sea?

  • most competitive ocean freight rates

Deliveries from East Asia and Europe are the priority areas of our transport and forwarding activities. We cooperate with reliable sea carriers to form the best prices for the transportation of goods by sea. If you need delivery from China, Japan, South Korea or dispatch in the East Asian direction, we track the offers and select the most favorable freight offers, taking into account the terms specified by the client.

  • efficiency and economy of delivery by sea

When fulfilling orders to bring a container from abroad or send it to a counterparty abroad, we use all the possibilities of logistics. Our forwarders form a route taking into account the timing, prices for transport services (freight, etc.), customer requirements regarding the specifics of the goods and points of receipt. For customers, the delivery of goods as soon as possible is always a priority, therefore, when drawing up a logistics program, we use the wide possibilities of multimodal transportation. In this model, the sea transportation of containers acts as a reliable base platform for prompt delivery in a door-to-door format. The multimodal scheme includes several sections, which is important for the delivery of goods in Ukraine or to other cities of the recipient country. In this case, we supplement the sea section of the route with a land one, using trains and / or vehicles. We trust your cargo only to trusted sub-carriers and control the safety throughout the entire route.

  • comprehensive support for your comfort

Services of the multimodal commercial company “GALS MARKET” are not only customs clearance of permits and certificates. We provide a full range of customs brokerage and freight forwarding services, from intra-port forwarding and cargo consolidation to insurance and delivery to a point convenient for the client.

Container transportation: container selection

Depending on the type and volume of the batch, we select large-sized containers. To do this, at the stage of receiving the goods, calibration is performed – the determination of the physical characteristics of the cargo in the package (length, width, height, weight). Loose, bulk, piece, oversized, non-standard and perishable – each of these headings assumes a number of requirements when choosing a method of loading, packaging, storage and, in fact, transportation.

For most cargo, 20’DV is applicable – transportation of a 20-foot container. If you need to deliver a larger consignment, then choose 40’DV – delivery of a 40-foot container. Standard Dry Van containers of 20 and 40 t are suitable for a batch of up to 33 m 3 and 67 m 3 . For objects of non-standard size and configuration, the High Cube container type with an increased height and volume of up to 85 m 3 is used.

Sending food products and other goods requiring temperature control is carried out in refrigerated containers 20 RE, 40 RE. For very large shipments, a 40-foot Reefer High Cube labeled 40 HCRef is suitable. This type of container assumes the presence of a refrigeration unit and finishing with thermal insulation material.

If you need to receive an order directly at the recipient’s warehouse, order multimodal delivery . For example, if a 40-foot container is transported according to the combined transportation scheme, after port forwarding and customs clearance, a 40-foot container is transported by road.

If you need to deliver imported goods or export cargo, with us you are guaranteed to get an excellent result. Tell us the coordinates of dispatch and delivery, and we will calculate the cost of transportation for a 40-foot container or other weight categories, taking into account the best routes and prices.

According to statistics, just over 600 million containers pass through the world every year, or 18 are handled every second. Container transportation of goods can occur for various reasons. However, the vast majority of them are related to trade in goods. Our company is ready to offer the most favorable conditions.

International container shipping: process steps

The first step requires the intervention of the carrier. It must place the repository at the receiving address so that it can be downloaded. After that, he must redirect it to the port of loading. The second step is uploading for export. The processing process can be carried out by several platforms, which allows the logistician to optimize the operation.

Further, the export customs service checks the contents for value, customs nomenclature, product characteristics (weight, volume, quantity), so that the transportation of containers fully complies with all standards. After the parcel has arrived at its destination, it must be unloaded. When the import formalities are completed, the manager of the introducing firm takes precautions for proper receipt. Then they will need to be placed in the transit area to pass the check.

Container shipping: delivery to the recipient

This step consists in delivering the package to its destination. The importer organizes the delivery of what is necessary to the consignee in order to start unloading the latter. The parcel can be transported by the representative himself or by a local transport company. The cost of container transportation is negotiated individually.

However, it should be noted that in some cases container shipments may have a more or less significant delay. This is due, in part, to the many participants in the supply chain. However, trusting us, you can be sure that you are working with reliable and high-quality partners.

Multimodal container transportation is an effective alternative to road transport. By encouraging the use of less polluting modes of transport than trucks, they contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the logistics sector. For more information about our processes, do not hesitate to contact us in any way possible (phone, e-mail). Our agents will always be happy to advise you in a convenient way.