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Port forwarding and logistics

Full forwarding of cargo in the port of any state under the control of our forwarders

Port Freight Forwarding

Hals Market organizes:

  • passage of all authorities in the port (including environmental services, radiology, sanitary epidemiological station (SES), plant quarantine, veterinary control; passage of customs services, OBK, border services, other authorities);
  • registration of shipping and transport documentation;
  • storage of cargo in equipped warehouses and container terminals in the port;
  • reloading of cargo; cax
  • transshipment to road and rail transport.

We carry out all the necessary formalities related to the preparation and dispatch of goods, making every effort to minimize the time and reduce the cost of cargo handling.

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Freight forwarding in the port

An important stage in the implementation of export / import cargo transportation is the fulfillment of the requirements of the regulatory authorities during the registration of the batch at the port of departure / destination.

Depending on the specifics of the goods, the volume of the batch and the customer’s requirements logistics company Hals Market can offer an optimal model for escorting cargo in the port. At this stage, it is worth highlighting two main areas in which the customs broker is working.

Legal direction in servicing cargo transportation:

  • customs clearance (accompanying and transport documentation);
  • escort during the passage of inspection authorities in the port (environmental and radiological services, sanitary-epidemiological station, plant quarantine, veterinary control, etc.) < / li>
  • Control of loading / unloading at the port terminal
  • Loading, transshipment to other vehicles within the framework of multimodal transportation
  • Checking, inspection, analysis of the characteristics of the cargo before the start of registration to eliminate inaccuracies packing / documenting at the start
  • reloading of cargo consignments
  • Organization of storage of client’s cargo in the container terminal of the port or in specially equipped warehouses
  • Control of cargo movement at all stages from loading before export from the port.
  • Selection of suitable containers (containers)

International cargo transportation by sea requires increased attention from cargo owners and forwarders. In case of improper organization of loading and unloading activities and incorrect registration of permits, it is possible to ban the export of transported property outside the customs control zone.

If you need to carry out customs clearance of goods in the ports of Odessa, Chernomorsk or Yuzhny, the forwarder of our company will determine the list of works and calculate the cost of customs escort.

Cooperation with us provides you with the following benefits:

  • selection of an effective model of cargo transportation
  • a competent organization for the delivery of complex and dangerous goods
  • elimination of illegal requirements from regulatory authorities
  • accelerated intra-port movement of cargo < / li>
  • timely delivery of vehicles (auto / railway)
  • selection of vehicles with the required characteristics (carrying capacity, type) for fast transportation to the warehouse

In our work, we follow a clear shipment technology, regulated by legal and technological standards for each individual cargo. Guided by the rules of customs and logistics activities and experience in the field of brokerage services, we are confident in our strength and always find the optimal solution for cargo transportation, whether it is sea or modal international cargo transportation by sea.

Intraport support from Hals Market

Often, at the beginning of the development of a business related to the supply of goods / raw materials from abroad or the export of products, the owners wonder how to find a reliable contractor. Knowledge of the specifics of international transport is the first thing that should be paid close attention to in this matter. Another factor. testifying to the reliability of the transport counterparty – long-term agency agreements with agents of shipping lines, terminal management, customs brokers, stevedoring and service companies.

Choosing a reliable brokerage and logistics company, you get the following guarantees:

  • Fast and timely delivery
  • Optimization of intra-port processes
  • Minimization of the budget for transport services
  • Correct documentary support
  • Complex customs and transport services

There are a lot of nuances in customs clearance and support of cargo transportation, so we will recommend that you do the clearance yourself. Experience shows that such a procedure is delayed in time, and while the cargo is idle in the port, the profitability of cargo transportation and further business processes may significantly decrease. It is also worth considering the bureaucratic factor: terminal management prefer to work with experienced forwarding companies that follow the customs clearance procedure exactly. In most cases, it is better to use the services of a specialized company.

If you contact a brokerage and logistics company for the organization of intra-port escort, immediately specify the terms. An experienced specialist will provide you with a clear list of works with an indication of mandatory payments, terms, and guarantees. Regular clients of Hals Market know that their cargo will not be idle on the port territory. Optimization of transport and customs costs is important for the customer’s budget, which is what every customs broker “Hals Market” always strives for. And of course, the safety of the client’s property is the absolute prerogative of our company.

Do you still have questions about intra-port escort and customs clearance? Let us know about it in any form convenient for you.

Our company, positioning itself as the best logistician, offers comprehensive services to organizations and individuals in domestic and foreign trade. Responding to their needs related to the delivery of goods, transport, logistics and distribution.

Port forwarding: professional support

The company’s goal is to help small, medium and large firms in their foreign economic activity, ensuring the availability of suitable rates and space in contract vehicles, forwarding, control of each stage of the supply chain and precise coordination.

Our extensive network allows us to cover the entire planet, regardless of the point of origin and / or delivery of cargo. Our qualified staff carries out freight forwarding and provides services regardless of the main mode of transport (sea, air, land, rail:

  • customs declarations – import / export of all goods, regardless of the desired customs regime: warehousing, international transit, etc.;
  • air transportation: all types and volumes (dangerous and perishable goods);
  • sea ​​transportation: all types and volumes, forwarding in the port.

We are ready to make the best delivery offer for our customers in accordance with the specifics of each cargo and forwarding in logistics. Better cost management necessarily leads to greater competitiveness for our customers and for us: carrying out transportation of all types of goods in gauge or oversized; domestic, domestic and international deliveries; advice and information on customs regulations and related clearance procedures.

Intraport forwarding and other formalities

In addition to customs, your shipping documents are in safe hands with us. The collection or issuance of bills of lading, manifests and any other is a well-organized day-to-day activity. We have the appropriate logistical means to fulfill our mission and satisfy our customers within the contractual deadlines in complete safety.
We are your assistant, we have proven experience in working with all types of goods and services “from door to door”. We work to ensure that your cargo travels from the point of origin to the destination with the best security guarantees and at an affordable price. Trust us with your cargo and we will deliver it as soon as possible.