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Delivery of goods from the port of Rotterdam

Delivery of goods from the port of Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam from 1962 to 2004 had the status of the largest, today it occupies the tenth position in the number of containers handled per twenty-pound equivalent (Twentyfoot Equivalent Unit).

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Today, entrepreneurship cannot be imagined without transport and forwarding services. Business representatives require not only guarantees from transportation, but also efficiency, so that the goods for sale are delivered at the best price and in a short time. It is sea international transportation that fully realizes this need, since it combines a democratic price, cargo safety and transfer within a clearly established deadline. The GALS MARKET company offers such a service as the delivery of goods from the port of Rotterdam at a competitive cost and with strict adherence to the customer’s technical specifications.

Delivery of goods from Europe

Rotterdam is a port city located in South Holland, Netherlands. It is known all over the world due to the fact that to this day it is one of the important centers for the transshipment of bulk, liquid and containerized cargo both within Eurasia and beyond. An important role in the life of the port is played by the oil refineries operating here, as well as the handling of general cargo.

The port of Rotterdam from 1962 to 2004 had the status of the largest, today it occupies the tenth position in the number of containers handled per twenty-pound equivalent (Twentyfoot Equivalent Unit).

Services for the delivery of goods from the port of Rotterdam are relevant for several reasons. Firstly, it is through Holland that a significant part of the world cargo traffic passes, including through Amsterdam. In addition, the country has a well-developed logistics infrastructure, and the network of highways has a significant throughput, which makes it comfortable to transport goods of any spectrum. Answering the question: what goods are exported from here, the question begs itself – these are dairy products, meat, floristic units, textiles. But besides this, the Netherlands is the largest exporter of building materials, food products, cars, machine tools and agricultural machinery in the world.

The very same territorial location contributes to the development and popularization of the port. The location in the very center of European transit allows delivering orders to Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France within 24 hours, but transportation to Southern Europe, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria is realized in a couple of days.

The import of goods from the port of Rotterdam is carried out promptly also thanks to the streamlined and optimized bureaucratic system in the country. Most of the terminals operate around the clock, and also carry out unloading and loading with minimal customs formalities. We emphasize that this is why all the manipulations on the design of the transported units take up to one hour.

Brokerage and logistics company “GALS MARKET” – we are trusted by the largest Ukrainian concerns

The holding offers services for the supply of goods in large quantities from Europe to Ukraine and vice versa. Representatives of Ukrainian medium and small businesses often resort to our service due to its availability and a satisfactory cost-guarantee-time ratio. Import and export of goods is carried out by experienced experts who prepare the necessary documentation in a short time, which allows for competent and safe transportation.

Due to the well-developed infrastructure, transfers from Holland can be carried out in two ways: by sea and by road.

The second option is more profitable, as it allows you to deliver a small group of products at a minimal price. We offer our customers delivery on the “LCL” and “FCL” models:

The first “Less-than-container Load” is perfect for small and medium-sized organizations, since goods from different senders are collected in one container, and unloading takes place for each of the customers individually. In this case, the cost of delivery is divided among all customers.
The Full Container Load model is a full container load (from 20 to 40 feet) with products for one recipient, often a large company. Advantageous in the case of full filling of the storage, in addition, the products are reliably sealed and a safety guarantee is provided for them.

Our specialists select the appropriate package of documents specifically for each case, and also make every effort to optimize the time and budget.

Well-established logistics of sea transportation allows transporting large consignments. At the same time, sea freight has a significant advantage – a democratic price, but you will have to wait a little longer, from about a week to a month, since sea freight is more time consuming than air delivery.