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Delivery from the port of Valencia

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Valencia

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International sea transportation is becoming more and more popular not only when delivering goods from America, Africa, Oceania or Asia, but also when working with European countries. They are often used to deliver ready-made industrial goods. The direction of Spain is very popular.

Spain is a country with a fairly developed economy. The greatest global demand is in industry and agriculture. So, in terms of industrial production, Spain is in fifth place among all Western European countries. First of all, these are mechanical engineering, metallurgy and chemical industry with their numerous factories. Also, most of the industry is mining. Natural stone, mined in Spanish lands, is valued all over the world and is actively used in construction and even renovation work. Food industry enterprises are no less important.

The competitiveness of Spanish products is constantly growing. For this reason, services for the delivery of goods from the port of Valencia are very popular in Ukraine. Container ships arrive in Ukraine at the ports of Odessa and Chernomorsk, from where further imports from Spain are delivered to customers across the territory of our country. The company “Hals-Market” offers to use this turnkey service not only to large enterprises of Ukraine, but also to private consumers due to the possibility of processing groupage container cargo.

Port of Valencia: features

The port of Valencia is nestled on the banks of the Turia River, just a few kilometers from where it flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Of all sea deliveries from Spain, the most popular is the direct import of goods from the port of Valencia, since this port city is considered the most modern. In addition to the port itself, it also includes the harbors of Gandia and Sagunto. Mainly from the port of Valencia, products of various industries are exported by sea, such as textiles, chemical products, as well as building materials. Spanish products are very popular all over the world. Oil and oil products, coal, grain crops and even vehicles for various purposes are imported into the port itself. If we talk about the export of goods, then 20% of the country’s total turnover falls on Valencia.

The port itself is equipped with modern unloading and loading equipment, large premises, both open and closed, terminals for receiving containers and oil tankers and many others, which allows the port workers to work smoothly and perform large volumes of work. In addition, there are carried out repairs of ships and cruisers at the expense of floating and dry docks, which are at the disposal of the port.

Advantages of sea container shipping

Security. This advantage is due to the fact that containerized cargo transportation takes place in relative safety. After all, accidents with sea container ships occur much less frequently than with road transport. In addition, the pitching of the sea also cannot unduly affect the integrity of the delivered cargo. What can not be said about abrupt stops and impacts in the back of the truck.
The cost of such transportation is much lower than for other types of transportation of goods. Indeed, often a container ship can carry from 1000 to 2000 containers from various customers, which significantly reduces their cost.

Strict adherence to delivery times. Despite the fact that the carriage of goods by sea takes longer than by air or by car, carrier companies, including the brokerage and logistics company Hals-Market, carefully monitor the movements of all ships involved in the work with their cargo.

A container ship can cover an unlimited distance. Even if you are ordering goods from the other side of the world, shipping logistics will allow you to receive your order.

Sea transportation is characterized by a developed infrastructure, due to which not only the delivery of goods from Europe is made, but also from any other point on the map. Of course, subject to the availability of a seaport.

Thanks to the use of various types of vessels, it is possible to import and export absolutely any type of product: from cars to oil and oil products. And in some cases, container shipping is the only possible option to deliver a certain type of product to its destination.

Brokerage and logistics company “Hals-Market” offers its services for the delivery of goods from the port of Valencia and other ports around the world. In addition, using the turnkey service, you can not worry about the release of goods and their further transportation across the country. The company takes care of everything.