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Delivery from Yokohama port

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Yokohama

Yokohama is a major port in Japan on the western coast of Tokyo Bay, 30 km from Tokyo. The water area of the Yokohama port with an area of 91.8 km2 includes a roadstead, an inner and outer harbor with 166 berths, and Negishi Bay. The length of the mooring front is up to 40 km with depths of up to 17 m.

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Japan is a high-tech country in the world, one of the most advanced. Having survived the “economic miracle” in the post-war period, the country’s economy has rapidly emerged as a world leader. Thanks to this, Japan is the strongest world state, it is the third in the world in terms of GDP. There are many large banks and large companies in the country, the owners of which are included in the Forbes rating. But above all, it is a producing country that has market relations with all world states. First of all, it is a supplier of high-tech equipment, electronics and cars. They achieved all this thanks to their great hard work. Due to the large number of supplies of high-tech and high-quality goods, there is a great development of the logistics of sea transportation. After all, Japanese products are very loved and popular with consumers from all over the world.

Due to the fact that Japan is an island state, sea transport is very developed here. The country has twenty-two largest international ports that import and export goods. One of them is the port of Yokohama. All seaports are characterized by high workload and speed of work, since most of the work on them is automated. Despite the fact that goods can be sent from Japan both by sea and by air, it is sea transportation that accounts for about 98% of all trade exchange.

Japan customs regulations

If you decide to send a shipment or package to Japan via a postal service or a logistics company, it is very important to know the country’s customs regulations. There are a lot of them. If you do not take into account something, the brokerage and logistics company “Hals-Market” will always help you. Among the most significant are the following:

  • If the shipment contains not only goods but also samples, it is important to provide another copy of the invoice.
  • If the value of the exported goods exceeds 200 thousand Japanese yen, you must have a certificate of origin.
  • Everything should be clearly marked, etc.

It is very important to comply with all customs regulations. After all, everything that does not meet the requirements will be detained at the border.

International sea transportation from Ukraine to Japan

Despite all the industrial production of Japan, recently goods from Ukraine have become increasingly popular in the land of the rising sun. Food products are especially relevant. Japan very often exports sunflower oil, grain crops, berries, honey, essential oils and other goods from Ukraine. Ukrainian cigarettes are considered no less popular in Japan. And thanks to the availability of tariff preferences for Ukraine, our products can easily compete with other suppliers in the Japanese market. For example, there are no import tariffs for a number of goods.

Sending and delivery of goods from Ukraine to Yokohama and back is carried out through the two largest Ukrainian seaports located in the cities of Chornomorsk and Odessa.

Delivery of goods from Yokohama

For many years the company “Hals-Market” has been providing services for the delivery of goods from the port of Yokohama and many other world retail outlets. During this time, win-win schemes have been developed that allow you to deliver the goods as quickly and profitably as possible. The company, in addition to the delivery of goods and cargo, provides full support for shipments, customs clearance of goods, insurance and much more. Delivery speed is a very important factor. Thanks to the developed sea route, all deliveries arrive as soon as possible. In addition, each client can always ask for advice on a particular issue related to logistics.

Delivery of Japanese cargo by sea can be carried out in one of two ways of container transportation:

  1. As part of groupage cargo. Thus, goods intended for different recipients are loaded into one container. This is a very profitable option for those who order products or goods with small dimensions and weight. After all, there is no point in ordering a whole container for several pallets.
  2. Full loading of the whole container. A great option for those who organize full-scale purchases that require a large enough space for goods.

The Hals-Market company cooperates exclusively with trusted shipping companies. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about the safety and security of the transported goods. The cost of each delivery is calculated individually for each customer, taking into account all the main parameters of the cargo, for example, weight, volume, dimensions, product names, etc. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the Hals-Market team, the import of goods from the port of Yokohama has become even more accessible.