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Delivery of goods from the port of Cape Town

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Cape Town

Cape Town (Kapstad) is a large port of the South African Republic (South Africa) on the Atlantic coast, in Stolovaya Bay. Available for ships and ships of all classes.

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International sea transportation is very popular not only among entrepreneurs from all over the world, but also among individuals. Their popularity is due to many factors. But in the foreground comes the cheapness of this event in comparison with other types of logistic communication. So, thanks to the presence of a different plan of ships, it became possible to deliver goods and products for various purposes to any corner of the world.

Sea transportation is divided into internal and external (international). Brokerage and logistics company “Hals-Market” offers a full package of services for the transportation of goods and various types of products not only from the United States of America, China or European countries, but also from Australia, Oceania or Africa. The South African Republic is considered to be a very popular destination in recent years. Delivery of goods from Africa is carried out through different ports. However, the most popular is the port of Cape Town, located on the southern coast of the mainland.

Delivery of goods from the port of Cape Town: an excellent solution for Ukrainian entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs who are just starting to work with South Africa may have questions regarding the method of delivering goods to Ukraine. By using the service for the delivery of groupage cargo from South Africa by sea, you can significantly save money. At the same time, each client of the logistics company has the opportunity to order not only a container in full, but also a partial load for several pallets. Groupage cargo is usually filled with goods for several end users, which are then transported to customers by road across the territory of one country.

So, as part of one container, it is possible to transport goods of various kinds, for example:

  • perishable goods and products;
  • goods requiring refrigerated trucks for their transportation;
  • fragile products;
  • goods requiring excise duty in Ukraine.

It is also important that the Hals-Market company transports dangerous goods, for example, chemical products.

Export of goods to South Africa

Speaking about the export of goods for the South African Republic from Ukraine, food products are in the greatest demand. It should be noted that the South African market for Ukraine is quite specific, since it implies the division of people by origin. So, there are locals (black) and white. Most often, entrepreneurs from Ukraine think directly about the supply of various products and goods to supermarkets specifically for white people. Nevertheless, when choosing sea transport, you should take into account the long delivery time – on average about 40 days. And only after the goods arrive on store shelves, this venture will be profitable.

Services for the delivery of goods from the Port of Cape Town

The most popular in Ukraine and other world countries are such goods of the South African Republic as rubber, paper, wood, and cast iron. In addition, in recent years, Ukraine has begun to actively import sugar and grain crops from South Africa. Delivery of this group of goods is most expedient precisely due to sea transport. This not only allows you to transport large volumes of products, but also significantly reduces the cost of the delivery itself.

In addition, equipment, machinery, and ferroalloys are important export items for Ukraine. Due to the fact that groupage, container and any other types of cargo undergo thorough customs control not only in South Africa, but also in Ukraine, it is best to trust experienced and qualified specialists in this matter, which are “Hals-Market”.

Shipping logistics is a very troublesome business. However, together with Hals-Market, delivery of goods from any port, including Cape Town, will allow each client to forget about the worry associated with the shipment of goods of any kind. In addition to direct transportation, logisticians, lawyers and customs brokers provide a complete process, namely:

  • Collection of goods from the sender;
  • Sea delivery of a container (full or in the form of groupage cargo);
  • Registration of customs documents;
  • Legal support;
  • Transfer to the recipient by means of motor transport on the territory of the country.

Thus, the client of the company is only required to place an order, pay the cost of services and calmly wait for their goods. The rest will be taken care of by the specialists of the Hals-Market logistics company. To order the service, it is enough to contact the company by phone number or calculate the cost of delivery. The manager of the company will help you with all this, providing complete information on all issues of interest.