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Delivery of goods from the port of Hong Kong

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Hong Kong

The port of Hong Kong is one of the largest cargo ports in the world, one of the ten largest ports in Asia and the ten largest container ports in the world.

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The port of Hong Kong is considered to be the world’s largest hub, which handles a large number of combined batches from other ports in China, Japan, Korea and other East Asian countries on a daily basis. In addition, the convenient and advantageous location of the port at the intersection of sea routes from Asia, America and Europe provides a fairly large advantage over other port cities. It is attractive for conducting foreign economic affairs with various countries around the world. And Ukraine is no exception.

Despite the modest size of the port, it is equipped with everything you need. Thus, Hong Kong ranks fifth among leaders when it comes to vital points of economic prosperity around the world. It is the status of a global importer that makes cargo delivery services from the port of Hong Kong so popular. It is also worth noting China’s strong economic ties with other world economic leaders, as well as the port’s proximity to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. No less important is the fact that China has rather low taxes not only in the whole of Asia, but also in comparison with many countries around the world.

Import of goods from the port of Hong Kong

Cargo delivery from Hong Kong is a very profitable and promising solution. And together with the logistics company “Hals-Market” it is also reliable. Recently, wholesale purchases from Hong Kong have become very popular in business. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • There is a huge selection of different products in different directions. These are real brands and high-quality copies.
  • The quality of Chinese products has long surpassed European goods.
  • Low price. Here you can buy a product at least 20% cheaper than directly in the store.

It is important to understand that the range of products presented in Hong Kong is very wide. And loading of sea transport from port is carried out practically without stopping. Thus, container transportation is the most reliable, safe and profitable way to deliver both groupage cargo and wholesale supply.

The greatest demand is for groupage cargoes, which are denoted by the abbreviation lcl. Palletizing to prefabricated container cargo is allowed up to two pallets, when it makes no sense to rent a whole container. This scheme of sending implies the fact that there will be several recipients. However, all goods sail together.

Another available option is to rent a full container. This type of configuration is called fcl. It is suitable when the loading of the goods corresponds to the volume of the container itself. From what kind of equipment you choose to deliver your order. Thus deliveries of cars, heavy or dimensional equipment of production of branch of shipbuilding are most often carried out in the second way. This is not only economically viable, but also very safe.

How the cost of delivery is formed

The cost of sending cargo is formed taking into account various indicators. Among them are the following:

  • assessment of dimensional indicators;
  • weight and volume of goods or products;
  • features of the product itself, which will go as an export of goods;
  • cargo insurance;
  • packaging.

In addition, always take into account the delivery time to be met, as well as the chosen sea route. It is equally important to understand what type of product will be exported and the measures taken to ensure its safe delivery.

Logistics of sea transportation together with “Hals-Market”: maximum benefits, minimum worries

Many suppliers from Hong Kong do not offer their own delivery services. Therefore it is necessary to organize this process independently. It is much easier to do it together with Hals-Market, because you have the opportunity to order turnkey delivery services, including broker services, logistics and legal support, agreements with suppliers, placement of goods in the company’s or port warehouses, customs clearance and much more. another that will allow you to place an order and after a while receive your goods directly at the specified address. Most sea container vessels arrive in the ports of Odessa or the Black Sea. From there, the brokerage and logistics company “Hals-Market” carries out direct transport delivery to the customer.

It is worth noting that international maritime transport is a troublesome and by no means easy task. In this matter, you should trust a trusted company that will perform all turnkey work, including customs operations on both sides. You no longer have to organize your own transportation. After all, Hals-Market will do everything on its own and on time.