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Transportation of grain is a rather laborious process that requires special attention during loading and transportation.

Export of peas: features of sea transportation

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For several years now, the sale of peas in large volumes has been one of the most promising industrial sectors. The main advantage is the high cost of legumes. Producers are gradually increasing the production of peas. Accordingly, the export of peas is also growing.

Why is it profitable to grow peas

Peas are one of the most important sources of vegetable protein. The crop is valuable and profitable in crop rotation. Every year the demand for peas in the international market is increasing, peas are in particular demand in countries with a rapidly growing population.

India is the main importer. But due to the fact that the demand for peas is increasing, considerable competition is developing among producers. But working in this area has become quite difficult.

Today, many producers have an urgent request – I will sell fodder peas. The cost of peas for sale depends on the conditions and terms of shipment. It is most profitable to sell fodder peas, while feed peas will cost a little less.

Often, producers who grow peas sell at a predetermined price. After all, the cultivation of crops is carried out under pre-signed contracts in certain volumes. Also, the cost may be due to the cost of other crops. Another important factor that affects the price is the region of sale.

If you want to profitably sell legumes, please contact GALS MARKET. The company sells the export of legumes and crops in any volume at the best price.

How to profitably sell legumes

The sale of fodder peas can be carried out by the GALS MARKET company on the most favorable terms for the client. It is not worth doing the implementation on your own, because problems may arise in order to choose the most advantageous offer. There are also problems due to the fact that competition is very high, often there are problems with paperwork. Other unforeseen situations in the market are not ruled out. In order to enter the world market without risks, in-depth knowledge and work skills are required.

It is also necessary to choose the most convenient time to send peas for export. After all, during the harvest, the cost of legumes is the lowest. But many producers are forced to make this deal, because they do not have conditions for storing legumes and working capital. If you are in a hurry to sell the harvest, you can lose in terms of money. To get really tempting offers from buyers, you will need to wait a bit. Then you can sell green dry peas much more expensive.

Turning to the company “GALS MARKET”, you will be able to export peas from Ukraine on the most favorable terms. The company will offer you comfortable conditions for cooperation, because the specialists know exactly how to properly carry out all the necessary medical operations. Cooperating with “GALS MARKET”, you will get a lot of advantages. The main plus is an extensive range of financial solutions, as well as the most favorable prices, the absence of risks that may arise during implementation.

Advantages of working with “GALS MARKET”

There are many on the world market who are ready to buy green peas at competitive prices. If you cooperate with our company, you can be sure that you will save time when selecting buyers.

The company’s specialists are engaged in the collection and execution of all necessary documents. So the client does not have to spend time and money on the preparation of accompanying documentation. This significantly reduces the time of dispatch and delivery of grain. So the sale of peas in bulk will be carried out in a short time.

The company also provides grain storage services, if necessary for transportation. Storage is carried out in specially equipped warehouses, in which the necessary temperature conditions and the necessary indicators of humidity and ventilation are observed.

Sending peas for export with the company “GALS MARKET”, you can count on the fact that the peas will be delivered within the time specified in the contract. Cooperation is carried out officially, all the details of transportation are pre-agreed and fixing the deadlines. You can be sure that the delivery will be carried out on time and you will receive the agreed amount for the products. In order for the import of peas to be carried out on the most favorable terms for the client, you need the help of GALS MARKET specialists.

During the transportation process, the client can track the movement of the cargo and its safety at any time. The company’s specialists provide customers with all the tools necessary for this.

If you need more detailed information, please contact the experts for help. They will answer all your questions and help you complete your application.