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Multimodal transportation

This model assumes the implementation of cargo transportation under one contract, but using at least two types of vehicles

Multimodal transportation

The scheme of delivery of goods from abroad often includes long routes. In such situations, the movement of goods is not always possible by land, therefore, land sections are often alternated by sea and river routes. It is obvious that solving such logistic problems requires several types of transport, or, in professional language, multimodal transportation of goods. It can be any combination of sea, air, rail and road transport. The main curator and responsible for the multimodal transportation service is the multimodal transport operator (MTO). The main operator rents transport for each section from sub-carriers, and if it has its own, it uses the company’s fleet and other types of trucks. The general contractor of the MTO is responsible for the delivery along the entire length of the route.

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Multimodal transportation is an effective solution for complex routes

Multimodal transportation is a rather complex logistic process, including finding reliable contractors and laying the best route. In some cases, a multi-model is simply irreplaceable. The operator gives priority to combined delivery if:

  • there is no direct communication with one type of vehicle between the point of sending and receiving
  • the cost of direct delivery using a single vehicle type is too high
  • the schema does not meet the customer’s timeline

The organization of multimodal transport starts with the integrated planning of the combined shipment. The operator takes into account the following parameters:

  • laying the optimal route in terms of terms and prices
  • drawing up a clear timetable
  • points of parking, reloading, temporary storage

Why is multimodal logistics a must have for any reputable freight forwarding company? It’s simple – it is this model that opens up the broadest opportunities for cost optimization. Why spend money on expensive air delivery if the combination of sea transportation with another type of transportation will cost an order of magnitude cheaper? The answer is obvious. So we, as a client-oriented reliable operator, quite often offer our customers optimal solutions with the best ratio of service quality and significant budget savings.

We often hear the question “what is the difference between multimodal and intermodal transportation? what’s better?”. So, in the first option, the operator (MTO) controls the carriers on all sections of the route and is responsible for the range of services. If the recipient and / or the sender order transportation at each site from different operators, then we are dealing with an intermodal model.

The intermodal scheme has a number of features that are often incompatible with the efficiency and optimization of business processes, and here’s why:

  • an increase in the number of contractors and responsible persons
  • an increase in the workflow and time for communication with each contractor
  • profitability only in the case of using transport owned by the contractor

As a result, in the event of delays, damage or other unforeseen situations, it is difficult to determine the degree of responsibility of each carrier. With regard to saving transport costs, intermodal transport is relevant only in the case of the carriers’ own transport. If agents rent a vehicle, it is obvious that they will demand an agency fee, thereby increasing the cargo owner’s budget.

International multimodal transportation

Multimodal container transportation accounts for a significant share of international traffic. The popularity is due to a number of advantages of the combined model in comparison with direct transport deliveries:

  • reducing customer costs

Our logistics specialists form the best route, rent vehicles and warehouses with an optimal ratio of quality and price, select a combination of different types of transport, taking into account the timing and budget.

  • improving delivery reliability

Our company controls the entire program of individual multimodal delivery from the sender’s warehouse to the recipient’s warehouse – a door-to-door service. Cooperation with reliable verified contractors in many countries allows us to guarantee high-quality transit / shipment / receipt of goods.

  • cargo safety

Container shipping is considered one of the safest ways to deliver high-value goods. Here we are talking about both the preservation of physical / technical properties and protection against unauthorized opening of large containers. When an object / batch of goods is loaded into a container, they are securely stacked and secured, after which the container is sealed.

  • no geographic restrictions

The main direction of the freight forwarding activity of our company is the delivery of goods from Europe and East Asia. For each order, we select the most competitive freight rates, providing the client with the most pleasant sea freight rates. If you need multimodal transportation, the transport and forwarding company “GALS MARKET” will solve the problem of cargo delivery, taking into account your business tasks.