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Delivery from the port of Vancouver

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Vancouver

How to order international sea transportation and cargo delivery services from the port of Vancouver to Ukraine? Send us your requirements and we will organize the entire process according to an individual plan.

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Canada is one of the richest countries in the world with a high level of gross income per capita. At the same time, one of the largest ports in the country is the port of Vancouver, which daily receives and dispatches a huge number of container ships and vessels for various purposes. It is located in the northeastern part of the country in the Georgia Strait. Navigation and logistic work in the port is carried out all year round, since even in winter there are no strong winds (the harbor of the port is reliably protected from them), and the water in the strait does not freeze even in the most severe winters. The port itself consists of hundreds of berths that are capable of receiving any ships with a draft of no more than 11 m.

It is through the port of Vancouver that Canada’s trade with various countries in America, Europe and Asia is carried out. Thus, timber and logging materials, grain crops, fish, fruits, vegetables, cellulose and paper, oil, oil products, and other natural resources are exported from this port. Delivery of cars and industrial equipment is also popular. In addition, as in other countries, the import of goods is actively developed here. Dried fruits, sugar, silk, metals, gasoline, bananas, nuts, jute, rice, hides, leather and many other groups of goods are accepted in the port. Thus, the total cargo turnover in the port is over 45 million tons annually.

A characteristic feature of the port is its modern equipment with loading and unloading equipment, which will allow performing many operations at the same time. There are also grain elevators and dryers. A large area is reserved for warehouse storage.

Delivery of cargo from the port of Vancouver to Ukraine

Delivery of goods from Canada is a very popular logistics direction, which is in great demand all over the world, including among Ukrainian companies, industrial enterprises and even private clients. The demand for sea transportation from Canada is not accidental. After all, even the delivery of an ordinary linear sea container from this port is one of the cheapest in comparison with other types of delivery. And if the client does not prioritize the urgency of delivery, then international sea transportation is the most optimal way to receive your order on time.

The most popular are container shipping of the following types:

  • the customer’s own container;
  • using a container provided by a transport company, with a full load of one client;
  • groupage cargo in a container, when various similar orders for different customers are collected in one place.

The latter option is most relevant for those who order the delivery of goods from the port of Vancouver in a small volume, for example, one or two pallets. But apart from container transportation, such type of delivery as “Ro-Ro” is especially popular here. In this case, the cargo is transported directly on the deck of the ship or in its holds without the use of containers.

Sea transportation from the port of Vancouver with the Hals-Market company

Brokerage and logistics company “Hals-Market” offers not only the import of goods and cargo from the Canadian port of Vancouver, but also the export of goods to Canada and other countries around the world. The logistics of shipping is carried out through the two largest Ukrainian ports – in Chornomorsk and Odessa. Any delivery of goods from the port of Vancouver or back to Ukraine will require reliable and well-coordinated work of all the company’s specialists. These are forwarders, loaders, customs brokers, and many others who allow customers not to worry about the integrity of the cargo during loading and unloading operations, as well as the reliability of its storage on the ship. But in addition to the listed types of work, do not forget about customs clearance, cargo insurance, which the company also undertakes. No less important is the delivery of goods to ports, as well as their delivery across Ukraine. The company “Hals-Market” provides not only maritime logistics, but also has a large fleet of trucks with different carrying capacity.

If necessary, a service is provided for the storage of goods in port warehouses or in the warehouses of the company (including Hals-Market partners in other countries. Specialists will be able to help in the preparation of all necessary accompanying documentation, cargo insurance, certification of goods and much more, what may be needed for quick passage of inspectors in ports.

The cost of each shipment is calculated individually for each client. At the same time, such aspects as cargo dimensions, weight, volume, name, category and much more are taken into account. The specialists of “Hals-Market” can also help with this, providing you with the most optimal offer.