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Delivery of goods from Europe

International delivery of goods from Europe is carried out by road or sea

Delivery of goods from European ports

The presence of consolidated warehouses in European countries allows us to carry out multimodal transportation. If necessary, you can deliver goods of any category and size from Europe to Ukraine, including through European logistics hubs. This delivery method is also relevant for private customers and small businesses when ordering on large marketplaces.

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Trucking as a model of delivery of goods from Europe

International road transport of goods is one of the most popular and demanded ways of transporting goods in Europe. Medium and small businesses in Ukraine often use this model for sending from Europe to Ukraine and for exporting Ukrainian goods to EU countries due to the availability and optimal time-cost-safety ratio.

Advantages of road transport on the Europe-Ukraine line:

  • ample opportunities of the LCL model → the cost of delivery of groupage cargo is significantly lower for each owner of the goods participating in the Less-than-container Load scheme
  • the ability to send several cargo vehicles (TC) with a single package of documents for the FCL-model → optimization of administrative time and budget
  • transportation of groupage cargo using the vehicle of reliable partners-subcontractors under the control of the general operator represented by the company “Hals Market”
  • transportation in containers, refrigerated trucks;
  • the ability to select a customs control point at the border, taking into account the workload → reduced delivery time
  • using auto delivery as a component of multimodal (combined) transportation
  • fast and inexpensive delivery of small batches, small-sized goods
  • frequent scheduled flights
  • possibility of door-to-door delivery

High efficiency of delivery of goods from Europe as part of an LCL container by road is achieved due to the consolidation of goods at the nearest warehouse. Brokerage and logistics holding “Hals Market” has leased consolidated warehouses in the EU countries (Poland, Germany, Hungary). For shipment, a prefabricated party is formed, taking into account the requirements for joint transportation. Then the company managers draw up an individual route, taking into account the class and other characteristics of the groupage cargo.

International sea transport

Cargo transportation EU-Ukraine / Ukraine-ЄC by sea will be the best solution for container transportation of large consignments from abroad. It should be borne in mind that sea freight often takes more time in comparison with auto and air delivery. At the same time, sea transportation is less expensive in comparison with other transport schemes. The terms of sea delivery on the Ukraine-EU logistics section are 7-25 days.

Among the advantages of container transportation by sea on the EU-Ukraine line, it is worth highlighting:

  • favorable transportation price
  • Affordable Freight Rates, Strong Market
  • groupage delivery
  • possibility of delivery of oversized cargo
  • minimum inspections for cargo in transit passing through Eurozone countries;
  • service provided by European ports, ports of destination

A large share of the Eurozone’s cargo turnover is in the Port of Rotterdam (Netherlands) – the largest port in the EU. Productivity is 12 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit). The presence of a 40-kilometer deep port water area provides the ability to receive large cargo ships with a large displacement. The high manufacturability of the Rotterdam Marine Hub and the automation of processes make it possible to ensure compliance with the deadlines and speed of delivery of the processed goods. River transport routes include the Port of Amsterdam as the final / starting point for transporting the Rhine. The port of Antwerp is one of the most important transport hubs in Europe due to its advantageous geographical location in the very center of the mainland. Antwerp has a direct connection with the key commercial and industrial centers of the European part of the continent, which allows you to select the most optimal combination of transportation methods and delivery routes.

An important point on the logistics map of Europe is the Port of Hamburg, located on the Elbe River, 100 kilometers from the North Sea coast. For 800 years of history, (Hamburger Hafen) has been and remains the main port of Central Europe. Hamburg warehouse Speicherstadt is the largest warehouse in the world. The port of Hamburg ranks third in the world container shipping rating. The port of Bremen and Bremerhaven is the second largest in Germany and the fourth largest containerized in Europe. It was here that the first port information system in the world appeared. The port of Bremen is also known as the pioneer of containerization in Germany. The transshipment volume of Bremerhaven is 5.5 million containers per year.

The Port of Bergen is one of Norway’s key logistics centers on the west coast. Berths with a length of more than 15 km are equipped to receive large-capacity tankers, ferries, and ro-ro vessels. The presence of high-capacity loading mechanisms and automation of processes allow handling 3.5 million tons of cargo per year.

Sea freight also passes through logistics hubs of other countries with direct access to natural water resources:

  • Spain: Port of Valencia, Port of Barcelona, ​​Port of Algeciras and La Linea, Port of Algeciras and La Linea
  • Malta: Free Port of Malta (Birzebbuja)
  • Italy: Port of Genoa, Port of La Spezia
  • France: Port of Marseille, Port of Le Havre, Port of Dunkirk
  • Belgium: Port of Zeebrugge
  • United Kingdom: Port of London, Port of Felixstowe, Port of Grimsby and Immingham, Port of Southampton
  • RF: Port of Novorossiysk, Port of St. Petersburg
  • Romania: Port of Constanta
  • Ireland: Port of Dublin
  • Turkey: Port of Ambarli (Istanbul)

Brokerage and logistics company Hals Market organizes international cargo transportation from the EU, Asia and the United States through an extensive network of maritime infrastructure. Our specialists select the most optimal delivery routes in terms of time and price, ensure control and compliance with the international regulatory framework, provide a full range of brokerage and forwarding services.