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Transportation of grain is a rather laborious process that requires special attention during loading and transportation.

Millet export: features of sea transportation

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Many agrarians have already made sure that the sale of millet is one of the most profitable options for the agricultural business. Next, we will talk about what are the advantages and why selling millet in bulk is so profitable.

Benefits of growing and exporting millet

Millet is a heat-loving crop. It is very profitable to grow this crop, because it is characterized by a high ability to tolerate hot weather and a minimum amount of moisture. But the grain crop uses high humidity to the maximum, while obtaining the strength necessary for growth.

To get a high yield, you need fertile soil with neutral acidity. Alkaline soil cannot be used for cultivation, while saline soil is suitable.

Today, millet wholesale is very popular, because the cost of this crop is one of the highest on the market. Many agronomists sow millet, because it is possible to grow a good crop even in dry weather and on poor soil. So millet can grow under conditions that would be lethal to many other crops. Also, the culture tolerates various diseases well, the yield does not decrease due to the effects of pests.

Given all of the above, you can grow a good crop that will bring you considerable profit, even at minimal cost. Yields are comparable to grains such as barley, while the cost per ton will be much higher.

I will sell millet – a popular request of many farmers. It is not surprising, because the volume of exported grain is increasing every year. Over the past ten years, the amount of exported products has increased at least four times. So, back in 2019, almost 60 million tons of grain were exported from Ukraine annually. The increase compared to the previous year was 40%. Also, every year the number of buyers around the world is increasing.

That is why Ukraine is one of the largest producers of agricultural products in the world. Power increases every year.

Advantages of working with “GALS MARKET”

Many today are ready to buy millet at very competitive prices. So that you can profitably sell grain, we recommend cooperating with GALS MARKET. The company offers a full range of services, including the passage of all the necessary stages of registration in the port. To import grain, a number of conclusions are required from the services of ecology and plant quarantine.

If you have millet sale is impossible without the execution of accompanying and relevant transport documentation. If necessary, storage of goods in warehouses is also carried out. The premises are equipped with everything necessary to comply with the specified temperature regime, as well as certain indicators of humidity and air circulation.

In order to optimize delivery and achieve the fastest possible transportation of cargo, transshipment is also carried out. For delivery, road and rail transport is involved.

One of the most popular requests today is to buy millet, while the price is the most favorable for customers. The company is ready to fulfill all the necessary formalities in order to quickly and efficiently transport cargo in any volume. “GALS MARKET” is engaged in the dispatch of goods, minimizing any risks and taking care to reduce the cost of transportation.

List of company services

In order to export millet on the most favorable terms for the client, it is necessary to cooperate with a trusted company, one of which is GALS MARKET.

The company offers full customs clearance. At the same time, all the necessary accompanying and transport documentation is drawn up in a short time. The company also accompanies the cargo during the passage of all the necessary stages of clearance in the port.

The company’s specialists take care to monitor the loading and unloading of goods. All work is carried out in port terminals. If multimodal transportation is carried out, specialists also ensure that the transshipment is carried out correctly.

Documentation of cargo is also carried out before loading. Specialists at the same time check and inspect the cargo. Employees of the company make sure that the cargo is completely safe at every stage of transportation. This applies to both loading and export.

So when importing millet, the buyer can be fully confident in the high quality of the product. After all, the grain passes all the necessary checks and has a number of modern documents that confirm the high quality of the grain.

If you need additional information, please contact the managers of the company. They will answer all the questions that interest you, as well as help you fill out a request for a service. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the quality and completeness of the services provided.