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LCL delivery

Collection and storage of small consignments from several consignors for subsequent transportation under one transport document

Our company carries out the consolidation of goods in European warehouses and warehouses in China, upon arrival in the territory of Ukraine, goods under our control are individually disbanded, sealed, undergo customs clearance and are delivered to each client individually. Start small with us! And in the near future we will deliver a full container for you! Many importers have grown up with us!

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LCL delivery

Groupage cargo transportation

If you have come across international cargo transportation to solve business problems, you have probably come across such concepts as LCL and FCL. In general, these concepts imply two ways of transporting consignments / units in containers using a different type of transport. In both cases, the same universal packaging is used, but the organization of transportation is significantly different. So, let’s take a closer look at what are the features and what is the difference between each model of cargo transportation.

LCL is international groupage cargo . In the original, this logistic abbreviation sounds like Less Container Load, i.e. incomplete container loading. In turn, the use of one large-sized container (20 tons, 40 tons and more) for the transportation of a batch belonging to one owner is FCL – Full Container Load. The latter model is relevant for the delivery of large consignments of goods, bulky large-sized units of special equipment, cars, bulk cargo. Of course, filling a container with a homogeneous product from one sender allows the owner to control the process in terms of loading, compliance with storage conditions during transportation and unloading at the warehouse. In this case, the goods will definitely not be mixed with someone else’s, and the entire transportation process will be adjusted solely taking into account the requirements of one cargo owner. But consignments do not always occupy the entire volume of a container, and then a groupage delivery of goods becomes expedient.

When is groupage cargo required?

  • ordering a small trial batch of goods from abroad
  • small regular deliveries
  • large batch of small items

It is obvious that it is economically unprofitable to order container transportation with incomplete container loading. Fortunately, a specialized transport company will always find a solution to such logistic problems. Groupage cargo is transported in container containers in the same way as in sea, road, rail or multimodal transportation. Only a carrier or broker with experience in this area can provide guarantees of high-quality transportation of the customer’s property as part of dissimilar goods belonging to other consignees. Also in the aspect of ensuring guarantees, consolidation in logistics is extremely important – a customs agent or forwarder cannot guarantee the preservation of the integrity and quality of the transported goods at the final point, if the norms of sorting, packaging, fixing and storage, incl. prohibitions on joint storage and the presence of prohibited substances.

Consolidation: logistics and LCL formation

So, we have decided that it makes no sense to pay for air at partial load, and to receive a small commodity order from Turkey or China, it is better to consider groupage container transportation. But in pursuit of minimizing costs, it is important to remember that the packaging and registration of the LCL is a rather laborious task that requires the special skills of a group of specialists.

Organization of groupage cargo includes several stages:

  1. Receiving goods at a consolidated warehouse
  2. Proper packaging
  3. Taring (determination of exact weight, dimensions)
  4. Sort by product group
  5. Registration of accompanying documents
  6. Bulk loading and routing
  7. Transportation

If you order groupage shipments, the delivery of goods begins with the procedure for consolidating orders by commodity groups and directions. From the mass of scattered objects in the warehouse, similar ones are selected, which, in turn, are sorted taking into account the point of delivery. At the same time, the reliability of the packaging is checked and, if necessary, it is additionally packed and marked. Goods with similar characteristics and transportation parameters are assembled in a common large-sized container, after which the container is sealed.

Groupage cargo transportation is indispensable for many areas of business and private clients due to the economy and efficiency of delivery. But in this matter, we recommend that you entrust your property to a trusted transport contractor. The carrier must comply with a number of mandatory requirements, ranging from the qualifications of personnel and the state of equipment (transport, forklifts) and ending with reputation and compliance with the terms of the contract. Special attention should be paid to the procedure for issuing accompanying documentation. As far as the quality and legally correct package of documents is drawn up, the import / export goods will be delivered quickly. Operative customs control at the border is provided by the brokers of the carrier company.

If you need to deliver small-sized goods from China or Europe as part of a modular container, GALS MARKET is always ready to provide a full range of freight forwarding services.

Which type of transport is optimal in each case depends on various factors such as price, time, customs formalities, transit countries, available offers, as well as the weight and volume of the goods. Therefore, you have to decide whether it will be the delivery of LSL cargo or FSL.

International delivery of groupage cargo: several options

Our company offers to transport your groupage cargo in two ways. Compare our offers of sea, rail and road connections for your route and get the best price. Regardless of which mode of transport you choose, you will receive professional transport for safe and fast transportation. We will provide all the information and answer your questions.

We buy a transport solution that meets your requirements on favorable terms. We focus on specific needs. We will be happy to advise on the choice of a suitable type of container. We ship across Europe and around the world. LCL customers benefit from cost sharing and still get the same travel time and security as with a full one. It’s like sharing a taxi to the office with a colleague who lives nearby.

Groupage cargo transportation: profitable and affordable

Use our transport calculator and find cheap prices so that the groupage cargo is delivered as quickly as possible. LCL stands for “Not Fully Loaded Container”. So if your goods don’t fill the entire 20ft or 40ft, you can save money by booking only part of the cargo space. All you have to do is enter the volume and weight so the carrier can plan the seat.

The sender must pack his shipment as professionally as possible. The goods must be packed in such a way that the delivery of groupage cargoes can take place without damage. Such packaging can be wooden boxes or euro pallets with the necessary protective film. The tighter packed, the better the condition of your sea, rail or road freight.

Once your item has been received, it will be delivered to the appropriate seaport or container terminal. There LCL storage is packed in different warehouses. Having the right markings, you help the warehouse company quickly and safely load your groupage cargo, whether it be sea, rail or road transport.