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Consolidation of cargo

Collection and storage of small consignments of goods from several senders for subsequent transportation under one transport document

Consolidation and transportation of groupage cargo by sea

We are glad to offer our clients the services of a rented consolidated warehouse in the EU countries (Germany, Poland, Hungary, etc.), as well as we consolidate cargo in China. This offer will certainly interest importers transporting small consignments of goods, as well as those who import goods from European countries. We consolidate cargo at the warehouse and, thanks to regular flights of our carriers, deliver the cargo to the territory of Ukraine, to the customer’s warehouse, guaranteeing the minimum terms and one hundred percent safety of the cargo.

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Delivery of small-sized goods: where the transportation begins

We know and can share the subtleties of technology down to the smallest details how small cargo or small consignments of goods are delivered to the buyer. A large number of boxes are stacked on pallets, which, in turn, are stacked in a container, and a small order in a huge mobile warehouse is sent to its new owner. In the language of freight forwarders and customs brokers, this process is referred to as general cargo transportation.

Quite often there is a need to use the services of international carriers – commercial companies, private entrepreneurs and individuals. If the goods ordered abroad have small (relative to the container) dimensions and / or the batch is small, the carrier sends this batch together with the products of other customers. Delivery of groupage cargo has a number of features that you should be aware of when choosing a transport agent. The result depends on the quality of collection, storage, packaging, reliability of loading / transport equipment and the professionalism of the staff.

When fulfilling orders for the movement of small-sized commodity units and small batches, the GALS MARKET company follows the rules of logistics, mutually beneficial partnership and maintaining high-quality service for our customers. When ordering import / export on the model of groupage cargo from us, you get:

  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • guarantee of safety of small-sized / fragile / expensive cargo
  • guarantee of delivery on time

Why is the services of our freight forwarding company a guarantee of quick receipt of an order by clients or trading partners? It’s simple – our efficiency is directly related to strict adherence to logistic standards starting from the stage of forming a team party. It is at the very moment when your property falls into the hands of the managers of GALS MARKET that the process of moving from the sender to the recipient begins. Careful storage and thoughtful sorting, good packaging and accurate loading, strong fixation and gentle movement – this is how orders are sent from our warehouses.

Consolidation of cargo – the basis of groupage cargo

The process of sending a small consignment or small-sized objects begins with completing a cargo pallet with different types of cargo units. Professional consolidation of goods includes the following steps:

  1. Receiving cargo from the sender

In this case, the priority is to create a comfortable environment for the customer. This is an additional service, but in some cases it is quite appropriate. For example, if delivery to a consolidated warehouse requires the involvement of a third-party carrier and entails additional costs, it makes sense to entrust the entire range of work to one trusted agent.

  1. Packing orders

When the delivery of groupage cargo is required, in the algorithm for forming and sending the order, we pay special attention to the packaging norms. Often the client gives us the object of transportation in already packed form, but not always the format and material allow us to guarantee the integrity of the property transported over long distances. That is why when receiving an order for shipment, our manager first of all inspects the container, and if there is a possibility of a violation of the integrity or there is no stable fixation, he recommends additional packaging.

  1. Determining the exact weight, or taring

At this stage, we determine the physical parameters of the object (mass, volume) or batch, which allows us to calculate the cost of transport services. In the weighing process, we use professional measuring equipment, so the final figure will also be extremely accurate. Payment for shipment may be charged from both the sender and the recipient – it all depends on the terms of the contract or the wishes of the customer.

  1. Sort

At the consolidated warehouse, the manager forms groups of goods depending on the delivery point. Priority is to sort dissimilar goods and group individual items into homogeneous lots. For example, technological equipment will be packed into one container, and food products – into another. Thus, we adhere to the standards for storing different groups of goods, some of which cannot be stored together.

  1. Formation of a prefabricated party and selection of a logistics route

The final stage of cargo consolidation includes loading control and verification of logistics data. It is extremely rare for the content of a grouped batch to have the same destination, but the delivery points must be on the same section of the route. On the way, unloading to other warehouse sites or customer points of receipt of orders is possible.

International groupage cargo delivery from GALS MARKET provides prompt transport services at a reasonable price. Today, many agents offer private or semi-legal transportation services, but in this case the risk is quite high. Our experience, a partner transport and logistics network in Ukraine and Europe, the presence of a consolidated warehouse in Germany, the qualifications of employees – all these tools allow us to fulfill an order on time, efficiently and at no extra cost.

One option to reduce costs is cargo consolidation. What it is and how it works, we will help you figure it out and provide a full range of services. Ship your shipments and increase your competitive advantage by simplifying customs clearance with us.

Consolidation: what is it

Consolidation of goods or bulk shipment is a service for combining various small lots and sending them into one. This means that separate (smaller) shipments from several manufacturers can be combined into one large one. The goal is to make handling and transportation more economical. For a more precise explanation of the term, it is necessary to distinguish between temporal and local. Usually accompanied by a summary check of quantity or weight.

Consolidation of logistics has many advantages:

  • container cargo. The main advantage is that cargo ships usually only accept whole containers as cargo. If you now order several individual shipments from different manufacturers, you won’t have to send several half-empty containers;
  • cost savings – this, of course, significantly contributes to reducing transport costs;
  • reduction of administrative work. With our company coordinating and booking the consolidation warehouse for you, you have a lot less administrative work to do;
  • shorter travel time. It is reduced because there is no need for deconsolidation at the port of destination.

Consolidation in logistics: other information

Alternatively, we can deliver the goods to the port with our own transport companies and order their packaging. In addition, you can significantly reduce your costs by ordering goods in larger quantities and then storing them in a temporary warehouse. On the one hand, you avoid inflated shipping terms, as well as avoiding storage costs, under certain circumstances, penalty fees and returns.

Consolidation (deconsolidation of cargo) is a solution for sellers to reduce import costs and increase profits. Having such an experienced partner as Hals Market on your side, you save up to 25% of transportation costs and can control the loading of your container individually. It also makes your supply chain even more secure. We offer only the best for our clients.