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Certification, permits

Registration of permits, certification of goods in state bodies of Ukraine.

Every business owner related to the conduct of foreign economic activity knows about the versatility of the process of customs clearance of goods. It should be noted that drawing up a contract, filling out declarations and paying duties is only part of the procedure. If you have not yet encountered the transportation of goods across the border, we immediately want to warn you about the presence of pitfalls. And so that your business does not end up on the reef of bureaucratic difficulties or penalties, we are always ready to lend a helping hand of a professional in the brokerage and customs environment. Certification, permits, interaction with regulatory authorities, cost optimization and import / export control for the fastest receipt / dispatch – we will carry out all these activities, armed with experience.

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Cargo paperwork: how to start and not miss anything?

Let’s start with the fact that efficient and quick passage of customs control is impossible without a complete package of documents. In this case, the registration of each separate batch, depending on the type of goods, volume, cost, country of dispatch / receipt and a number of other factors, will include an individual list of documents.

So, the registration of permits is taking into account the requirements of legal regulations and government services. Please note that all documentation must be compiled in accordance with the norms that prescribe:

  • Customs Code of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian classification of goods of foreign economic activity
  • State sanitary and epidemiological standards

Please note that the legislation in the field of doing business, export-import operations and taxation undergoes changes from time to time. Given the lability of the regulatory framework, it is important to revise the changes before drawing up a trade contract with foreign counterparties. If necessary, you can always get specialized advice from the employees of the company “GALS MARKET”.

Registration of cargo certification

Preparing a package of documents for prompt export / import of a consignment is a laborious and responsible process. In this case, it is important that the counterparties are aware of the goods prohibited for import / export. The main share of bans falls on psychotropic, narcotic, poisonous, radioactive, explosive substances; food products without a quality certificate; materials on print or electronic media that promote racial discrimination, genocide, violation of territorial integrity and state sovereignty.

In order to prevent fines and prohibition of import, it is important to correctly execute the certification of the goods. We recommend that you entrust this part of the work to a specialist in issuing certificates with experience in the official registration of various product groups in the list of UKT FEA. There is a fairly extensive list of registration documents for customs, but in most cases the following permits are required:

  • certificate of origin of goods
  • declaration
  • certificate of conformity (quality)
  • quarantine / phytosanitary certificate
  • conclusion of the metrological service
  • fire safety certificate
  • permit for the transport of dangerous goods
  • permit of the State Service for Export Control (State Export Control Service)
  • Security Service of Ukraine conclusion
  • permission of Ukrchastotnadzor
  • gemological examination, etc.

One of the key documents when importing goods is a certificate of conformity. This document confirms the actual quality of the delivered consignment and compliance with the conditions declared in the contract. A document, a certificate of quality for a product, is issued after a series of laboratory and control activities.

Certification of goods has a number of features depending on the category of the transported goods. The customs control procedure usually includes the appeal of such state services as:

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service
  • Bodies of standardization, metrology, certification
  • Security Service of Ukraine
  • State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service
  • Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection

Along with the correct preparation of the package of documents, it is important for foreign trade participants to carry out official registration without extra costs. Optimization of duties and other obligatory payments is possible thanks to a properly selected model of customs registration. For example, for imported / exported cargo in cooperation with counterparties in the EU, you can use the EUR1 model, which ensures mutually beneficial exchange of goods between Ukraine and the European Union in accordance with the provisions of the Association Agreement. Recall that the agreement was ratified on September 16, 2014, entered into force on January 1, 2016. The preferential regime for calculating duties allows you to establish cost-effective registration. At the same time, control measures are quite strict, and in order to obtain permits for preferential import / export, we recommend consulting a broker.

The active presence of our company in the market of narrow-profile customs services is a guarantee of quick import / export of your goods abroad in compliance with the laws of Ukraine and the counterparty country. If you need a reliable partner, please contact GALS MARKET!