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Delivery of goods from the port of Guangzhou

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Guangzhou

How to order international sea transportation and services for the delivery of goods from the port of Guangzhou to Ukraine? Send us your requirements and we will organize the entire process according to an individual plan.

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Container shipping is a dynamically developing logistics sector. Shipping by sea acts as an alternative to rail and air freight and influences the development of imports and exports. They have now replaced other routes from the region to Europe. This allows you to be close to your clients and advise them on problems requiring business-oriented solutions.

Cargo delivery services from Guangzhou port: everything you need to know

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you international maritime transport and related additional services, whether it is the collection of your packages, the consolidation of goods in our prefabricated or full containers, storage, customs clearance, and finally delivery to your warehouses in accordance with the conditions ( unloading, delivery on pallets, packed or not, stacked or not, truck with a tailgate or not, delivery schedule and assistance in unloading the container). Our team is ready to help you solve any logistical problems.

Is your company used to shipping and already working with an international freight forwarder to export goods? Ideally! So you can ask your regular shipping agent for a FOB incoterm quote when leaving China and we will deliver your items directly to the docking warehouse. A specialist working on your behalf will supervise the shipment directly with you and will bill you for their shipping services and customs clearance fees in accordance with tariff agreements.

In the context of world trade, a number of terms have been agreed, also known as Incoterms. Most countries in the world recognize them, which is in everyone’s interest, because it means that if you agree on a specific trade term, you also know who is responsible for paying for each part of the process.

Shipping logistics: recommendations

In addition to the services offered by our purchasing team, we also offer a solution to logistics nuances. Thus, there is no risk of delay, loss or damage.

EXW (EXWORKS – leaving the workshop). It is up to you to pick up the goods from the factory warehouse and take all the necessary steps to export and deliver to the port of Guangzhou.

FOB (Free on board). We will take care of the transfer of the cargo to your carrier and the customs documentation. Once it has been handed over to your agent, you must take care of the rest of the formalities yourself. CFR (Cost and Freight, Transportation Included). Delivery of goods from China to the specified port. You must pick up these goods from there and resolve further issues. DDP – we take care of all the formalities.

We can arrange transportation for you anywhere in the world. This service is offered to you at the best price thanks to our traffic volume and negotiation, and you also have the option of having a single point of contact for fulfilling your orders from source to transport.

Importing goods from Guangzhou port: details

Transportation by groupage container (full) – FCL (Full Container Loading). Advantages: the cheapest option for large shipment volumes (over 10 cubic meters); as safe as possible (containers are sealed). Disadvantages: takes a lot of time, there are fixed costs; relatively indefinite timeframes (frequent delays, many climatic hazards, strikes of port personnel); significant transport surcharges associated with the seasonality of departures.

Group container transportation (modular) – LCL (Less Container Loading).

Pros: inexpensive with a small volume; the most inexpensive type of very heavy and not bulky things.

Cons: sometimes quite long unloading time at the port of a grouped container; frequently damaged goods (preferable for groupage cargo transportation on a wrapped pallet).

To make a shipping opinion, do not hesitate to request a quote, providing all the information you need to determine it. To indicate prices, you need to send the following information: address for receiving (factory, airport, seaport, etc.), weight, nature, size of boxes, required time. Once these items have been received, diagrams are drawn up to understand what is best for your request and to offer you the best value.

Whether it is an individual order or an option for permanent cooperation – entrust us with your projects. Our brokerage and logistics company will help you deliver everything you need to your destination. Your needs are our default goal. With this in mind, we create individual transport concepts, find the fastest and most economical route and organize the entire process for you. Thus, we are a reliable partner for innovative companies.