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Delivery from the port of Seattle

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Seattle

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The United States of America is one of the undisputed leaders in international trade. According to statistics, this country ranks second in the world in terms of exports and is second only to China. But in terms of imports – the first place. Millions of different goods are exported from America all over the world, including to Ukraine.

Many Ukrainian entrepreneurs have close trade relations with the American market. At the same time, not only importing foreign products into the country, but also exporting Ukrainian goods to America using the B2C system. In the United States, such Ukrainian products as footwear, clothing, interior items and handmade furniture are in demand. If you need to deliver goods to this amazing and rich country, or, on the contrary, are interested in the delivery of goods from America, the brokerage and logistics company “Hals-Market” offers its services not only to business, but also to individuals.

Delivery of cargo from the port of Seattle to Ukraine by sea

Delivery of various goods and parcels from America is one of the most demanded services when it comes to international logistics. At the same time, the port of Seattle is especially popular, which is very favorably located at the intersection of international sea routes.

Delivery is carried out mainly from the western part of the United States coast to the port of Odessa or to the port of Chornomorsk. Besides Seattle, you can order delivery from cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, as well as New York, Norfol or Savannah. Since sea container transportation is much cheaper than air transportation, each customer has the opportunity to significantly save on shipping costs.

Many Ukrainian entrepreneurs use sea freight delivery services. This is really beneficial. After all, maritime logistics provides a number of advantages:

  • Transportation safety. It should be noted here that accidents in maritime transport are extremely rare. At the same time, the risks of damaging the goods during movement also close to zero.
    Sea transportation is much cheaper than air transportation. At the same time, a container ship can simultaneously accommodate thousands of containers. And if you order not the entire container, but a place in the groupage cargo, then the cost of delivery will not be high at all.
  • Logistics of sea transportation together with “Hals-Market” provides for strict adherence to the stated delivery times of a particular product. At the same time, the company’s logisticians regularly monitor the movement of this or that ship. And in case of a delay, they will certainly inform the customer.
  • Thanks to sea transport, the import of goods to Ukraine is possible from almost any country in the world.
  • Thanks to the use of various types of vessels, it is possible to import and export goods of absolutely any type. As for the American market, most often cars are transported from the USA to Ukraine, which customers often buy at international auctions. However, other American-made goods are also in demand.

Car delivery from the USA via the Port of


Sea transportation of goods from the Port of Seattle involves the delivery of various goods, including cars. Very often, Ukrainians buy cars at international car auctions that take place in the United States of America. Moreover, all cars are delivered from the USA to Europe by cargo ships from the east coast. This is the shortest distance between America and Europe. Therefore, delivery is carried out quite quickly.

The cost of car delivery in this case is calculated taking into account many factors, among which are:

  • shipping company;
  • the make of the car, its year of manufacture, as well as the dimensions;
  • the type of container ordered for transportation;
  • the city where the car was purchased.

It is very important to take into account the distance that the carrier must cover both in America and already in Europe (in particular, in Ukraine). Also, the costs are incurred at customs. Therefore, the company “Hals-Market” offers to issue a “turnkey” service.

International sea transportation together with “Hals-Market”

Together with Hals-Market, the delivery of goods from the Port of Seattle will allow each client to forget about the worry associated with the shipment of goods of any kind. In addition to direct transportation, logisticians, lawyers and customs brokers provide a complete process, namely:

  • Collection of goods from the sender;
  • Sea delivery of a container (full or in the form of groupage cargo);
  • Registration of customs documents;
  • Legal support;
  • Transfer to the recipient by means of motor transport on the territory of the country.

Thus, the client of the company is only required to place an order, pay the cost of services and wait for their goods at the destination. The specialists of the logistics company will take care of the rest.