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Export and wholesale of oilseed meal

Grain transportation is a rather laborious process that requires special attention during loading and transportation.

Oilseed meal export: features of sea transportation

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Meal is a product that appears as a result of running an oil extraction business. In fact, the meal is what remains after the extraction of the oil. Solvents are mainly used for this. There are several formats of this raw material – granules or loose. It all depends on which final processing option was chosen.

Benefits of growing and exporting oilseed meal

Mostly soybean meal and other raw materials are used as an additive in the production of animal feed for growing poultry and livestock. After all, the meal is high-calorie and contains useful components. The main advantage is a very high percentage of protein and vitamins. Other mineral organic substances are also present. Using feed, which contains sunflower meal, it is possible to significantly improve the performance in the production of livestock products. Accordingly, the profitability of the business increases. That is why the sale of meal is so in demand on the world market.

Today, the export of meal is becoming more and more popular. After all, the meal contains an easily soluble protein, which is well absorbed by animals, therefore it is in high demand. Meal of any type is used in animal husbandry. All raw materials contain sodium and calcium in large volumes, the percentage of content is higher than that of a number of cereal crops.

If you produce rapeseed meal, you can sell it at the best prices. Soybean meal is also in demand. This is one of the most popular types of meal all over the world. Produced from soybeans using organic solvents.

Sunflower meal is no less in demand. This raw material is produced by pressing seeds. The composition contains about 3% sunflower oil, and there is also a large amount of protein.

Rapeseed meal can also be sold at a favorable price. For production, rapeseed seeds are used, which are pre-defatted. Such raw materials also contain a large percentage of protein, only the dissolution of seeds is carried out using chemical solvents. Meal is characterized by high digestibility, so the product is a worthy replacement for similar products.

By selling sunflower meal, the price of which is quite high on the market, you can earn good money. The main thing is to find the most reliable ways to sell products.

Advantages of working with “GALS MARKET”

So that you can sell products at the best prices, we offer cooperation with the GALS MARKET company. We provide all clients without exception with a full range of services. We look for an individual approach to each customer, which guarantees a high quality of services.

So, our clients receive customs clearance without delays and overpayments. So sunflower meal from the manufacturer can be sold at very high prices. After all, the company’s specialists are engaged in the preparation of all necessary accompanying and transport documentation.

To sell the cargo, it is also necessary to obtain conclusions from a number of inspection authorities. In particular, documents from the environmental service and the sanitary and epidemiological service are required. If necessary, plant quarantine is also carried out.

The company’s specialists are also involved in the control of loading and unloading of cargo in the port terminal. This eliminates any risks and guarantees the safety of the cargo at every stage of transportation. In the event that multimodal transportation is used, specialists develop a cargo transshipment plan, individually select transport and develop optimal logistics chains, which can significantly reduce cargo delivery times.

If you have a request – I will sell sunflower meal, please contact the company “GALS MARKET”. Employees of the company will easily check and inspect the cargo during transportation, as well as take care of the documentation of the entire cargo transportation.

All customers, without exception, receive a number of guarantees, so they don’t have to worry about the safety of their luggage. Each client receives a number of tools that allow you to monitor the route of cargo movement at any time. You can also contact managers who will provide accurate information about the delivery status.

At the same time, the cost of the services of the GALS MARKET company is minimal, so that everyone can afford safe transportation. The cost is calculated individually: it all depends on the services provided, the volume of cargo and the individual wishes of the client.

If you have any questions or would like to start cooperation with GALS MARKET, please contact the managers. They will answer all your questions. Please note that the company works officially, so that before the start of the transaction, an agreement is signed, which details all the guarantees provided to the client.