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Delivery of goods from Qingdao port

Delivery of goods by sea from Qingdao port

Qingdao Port is an international transshipment and refrigeration port. Located in the Yellow River Basin in Shandong Province in eastern China. Qingdao is considered one of the main ports in China, performing the main role of a connector between the mainland of the country and the whole world.

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The most common way to transport products is by sea from China. Why? It’s very simple, because it is the most economical at the moment! This country is the first trading partner for many.

Services for the delivery of goods from the port of Qingdao: information

By weight, about 90 percent of cross-border trade is by sea. There are seven ports in China that are among the ten largest in the world. Please note that we will select the most competitive company to receive your shipments when you need them. Qingdao Port – 688 million tons passed through it in 2020. It is the fourth largest, located in the northeast of the country, or rather, opposite South Korea. Grouping or LCL is used when you cannot fill the entire container. There are several types, but remember these three dimensions: 20 feet with a capacity of 33 cubic meters, 40 feet – 66 cubic meters. and container HQ 40 feet – 76 cubic meters.

Usually people use LCL when they have less than 13 or 14 CBM. If you have 15 or more cubes, it is safer and cheaper to rent the entire tank, even if you can only fill half of it. Such container transportation from China is in demand. LCL will simply be the most economical of the formulas for transporting your products if the weight is between 2 and 12/15 cubic meters. Another advantage is the possibility of any type, as opposed to air transport, which is very limited (for example, you cannot transport batteries).

But international sea transportation in this way also has disadvantages: the cost per cubic meter is more important than for FCL shipments. The goods must be placed on pallets. It is imperative to protect the property of other shippers. Loading and unloading services are required when consolidating or consolidating a container. This is an expensive operation and can be avoided with FCL.

FCL is an international ISO standard denoting a (full) container (20 or 40 HQ) containing cargo for the consignee. This is the most economical way when importing goods from Qingdao port or exporting goods. However, in order for this type of cargo movement to be profitable, importers purchase a fairly large part of the products. This is simply the cheapest transport solution, as the volume exceeds 16 cubic meters. Convenient, since you yourself manage the packaging of your products (palletizing is optional). High degree of security, since everything is sealed from start to finish (except in cases of customs control).

Shipping goods from Qingdao by sea is a long form of transport that you can find in the market. If your volume is insufficient, you may not be able to consider a supply.

Define the responsibilities of the seller and the buyer

It is about determining where the responsibility of one begins and where the second ends: the seller is responsible for packaging the goods, choosing a carrier, administrative procedures at customs, and procedures related to export security. The buyer is the contact person when the goods are on board the vehicle. He is responsible for transportation and unloading. He must conclude a contract from an agreed location and complete customs import formalities, if applicable.

FOB stands for “Free on board”, which means “free on board”. It denotes commercial agreements, according to which the amount does not include his transportation costs. When you buy for free on board, you must add transportation, export duties, and various shipping and export related insurances to the starting price. Conversely, the CIF price, which denotes cost, insurance, and cargo, includes transportation prior to delivery to the seller.

Shipping logistics: coordination of all details

A large number of different actors are involved in the logistics of empty containers, from providing and organizing property to loading and handling. If the exporting or importing firms do not take over the internal logistics, they arrange for the shipping forwarders to take over the parts or the entire coordination of the chain from the sender to the recipient.

How much does sea freight cost? It is not possible to quote in advance as shipping firms adjust their rates every month. Any brokerage and logistics company will answer you that way. This tariff will be heavily influenced by the oil market, so keep this in mind. Finally, the freight cost will not help you very much, because it is only a fraction of the total cost of the operation: collection and delivery (shipping costs), duties and taxes … All of this is not accidental, and absolutely necessary. So don’t base your offer on the freight price alone!