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Delivery of goods from the port of Houston

Delivery of goods from the port of Houston

Thanks to many years of contacts and experience, the company provides complex and auxiliary transportation services from the Port of Houston

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Brokerage and logistics company at the core of its activities is the organization and maintenance of transportation from different countries of the world. This review will describe in more detail the sea transportation of goods from the United States, in particular, the delivery of goods from the port of Houston. The main focus is on shipping in special containers on regular routes from the ports of New York, Savannah, Miami, Port Houston and Los Angeles. Groupage cargo includes cars, motorcycles, trailers, boats and all kinds of goods.

Regular service at the ports of departure and receipt

Depending on the volume and severity, we will be happy to tell you about the possible savings on customs duties and taxes. Thanks to our dense network of reliable partners, collection is possible from anywhere in the United States, and in each case, delivery is made to the cheapest terminal.

Regarding the export of vehicles to the United States, and goods for export, we will advise you on the best way to ship by sea or air.

Since the logistics of sea transportation is our field of activity, in which we work professionally, we maintain excellent relations with shipping companies and carriers and offer you inexpensive and thoughtful logistics if you are interested in shipping cargo from the USA to Ukraine.

International sea transportation is assistance in transporting not only small consignments of goods, but also moving in consolidated containers, in fact whole and moving goods such as cars or heavy structures.

We arrange frequent transatlantic flights at favorable prices for export and import, and we guarantee that all operations will take place on the most favorable terms.

Initial work prior to shipment from Port Houston, transportation process, site presentation and delivery, and customs clearance are available from a single source. Our experienced and friendly team will support and advise which container suits your needs, be it a 20ft, 40ft, tall cube, or a custom one with an open roof or cooling system.

General cargo – groupage from the USA

Currently, commercial and retail customers are provided with the best rates for general cargo from the United States. We load containers for weekly collection in New York, Miami, Houston and Los Angeles. Our sophisticated system includes the collection of heavy items from anywhere in the United States, as well as delivery and delivery to the recipient. We offer this service for all prefabricated weights shipped from America. From auto parts, individual pallets or crates to trade and moving goods.

It is a seamless supply chain that includes customs clearance at specific times.

Sea freight in prefabricated containers

In our own collective cargo container, into which we mainly load cars and motorcycles, we perform inexpensive additional loading options. From the stations of the most important ports, you receive offers for the transport of spare parts and other goods. So you can order a fit yourself or ask us to pick up the goods. This also applies to pick-up from our warehouse or shipment upon request.

Ro-ro ship transportation is especially suitable for vehicles that do not fit into containers or boxes due to their size. Thanks to our long-term contacts and agreements with various shipping companies, we deliver you from America to Europe on favorable terms and with frequent flights.

We offer professional services for both business clients and private clients in the field of import and export, sea and air transport, general and separate transport, for example for pallets, boxes or car parts.

Comprehensive services in almost every country and information provided in advance

Our team consists of trained and dedicated employees who can provide advice and assistance, flexible and friendly answers to your questions. We load our own prefabricated containers from the United States of America, Europe, Asia and Africa and are able to offer unbeatable prices. Membership in a global network of select reference carriers allows us to provide you with a wide range of services around the world. Whether it is the delivery of goods from abroad, sending abroad or the required services in the field of customs and documentation.

Sea transport between many countries, including related domestic transport and other services, can be ordered directly from a logistics brokerage company. Thanks to our many years of experience, the best recommendations and a low loss rate, we offer you extremely attractive insurance conditions both against the loss of the so-called insurance coverage and against all risks of damage.