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Delivery of goods from Africa and Oceania

International delivery of goods from Africa and Oceania is carried out by sea and air transport

Delivery of cargo from the ports of Africa and Oceania

The huge African continent, which includes 54 countries, has a high potential for international trade. The data of the World Bank rating for 2020 indicate high business activity and business attractiveness of a number of African countries. Thus, the TOP-10 countries with actively developing economies and ease of doing business include Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and South Africa.

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Air freight from Africa and Australia

The fastest way to deliver goods from anywhere in the world is by air. The annual growth in the capacity of African airports is more than 10%, which is confirmed by the statistics of the International Air Transport Association IATA. Obviously, this is facilitated by strong trade and investment ties with Asia. Egypt and South Africa are among the most popular points of departure from the African continent. Well-established air communication allows you to deliver goods from Africa to Ukraine in 3-7 days.

Air transportation from Egypt is provided by the Cairo International Airport. The second busiest airport in Africa, with an area of ​​37 square kilometers, the Cairo airport (Heliopolis) provides infrastructure for 30 international airlines. Another point of air delivery is Luxor International Airport. A large cargo terminal with an area of ​​more than 3 thousand square meters serves dozens of international airlines.

Air Freight from South Africa passes through Tambo International Airport near Johannesburg. It is the largest air hub on the continent, serving hundreds of air carriers. Transportation of African goods by air is relevant in case of urgent orders.

Active commercial cooperation has been established between Ukraine and the countries of Oceania. Australia, as the leading trading partner in the region, imports food and machinery products from us. The main items of Ukrainian merchandise exports to Australia are vegetable oils, fertilizers, engineering and metallurgical products, sea and river vessels. In turn, the nomenclature of Australian imports includes mineral fuels, pharmaceuticals, electric cars, optical instruments, precious stones, paper, cardboard and alcoholic beverages. Considering the geographical location of the Australian continent, air cargo transportation is the most relevant method of delivery in the implementation of commodity exchange operations between countries.

There are 5 major international airports on the continent: Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Tullamarine. A well-developed transport system, the availability of a warehouse stock and automation of processes are the key to the timely delivery of various cargoes from Australia to Ukraine.

International sea transport

In the list of brokerage and logistics services in the field of international cargo transportation, the most in demand is the delivery of goods from Egypt. The Mediterranean country at the junction of Africa and Asia supplies the Ukrainian market with food products (fruits, rice), textiles and raw materials for light industry, jewelry, interior items.

In turn, Ukrainian exporters send grain, sunflower oil, timber, ferrous metals, mineral fertilizers and light industry products to Egypt. In 90% of cases, export-import trade is carried out by sea.

There are more than a hundred port locations on the African continent. Delivery of goods to Ukraine takes from 20 days. The use in 20/40-foot refrigerated, ventilated or tank containers allows you to keep perishable products during a long sea passage.

Port of Durban in southern Africa plays a key role in the shipping of Egyptian products. Due to its location close to the city’s central business district, the port system of Durban has been adjusted to the high business activity and high quality requirements for international shipping. Cargo turnover is about 50 million tons per year.

The Port of East Port Said has gained popularity due to its favorable location. A logistics hub at the junction of Africa and Asia, at the northern end of the Suez Canal and on the Mediterranean Sea at the same time, Port Said performs key functions of the country’s foreign economic and infrastructure sector. Accompanying Egyptian cotton and rice exports, servicing the Suez Canal and refueling passing ships are a range of key tasks assigned to the Port Said management.

On the transport map of Egypt, it is worth noting the Port of Alexandria, connected by a navigable canal with the Nile River. Serves more than 3 thousand ships per year, providing a total cargo turnover of 15 million tons.

In general, the list of modern cargo hubs in Africa includes seaports in Nigeria (in Lagos), Cote d’Ivoire (Abidjan), Morocco (Port of Tangier), Kenya (Mombasa), etc. Separately, it is worth highlighting the transit point – the Suez Canal in Egypt.

The Port of Melbourne is Australia’s largest container and general cargo hub. The object of strategic importance, and since 2003 is under the control of the state corporation Port of Melbourne Corporation

The Port of Sydney, the largest city in Australia, serves the bulk of the export-import traffic. Located in Port Jackson Bay on the shores of the Tasman Sea, the port complex has a 20-kilometer mooring front, with berthing depths of up to 13 m. Through the Sydney port, the country imports industrial units, oil, cocoa, as well as exports coal, grain, food industry (dairy products, meat, fruits), wool, hides.

Port Gladstone (Queensland) is located on the shores of the Coral Sea, with a harbor at the mouth of two rivers. For the delivery of exported goods to the terminals, road and rail transport are used. New coal terminals, the last of which was commissioned in 2014, provide a large coal cargo turnover.

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