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Delivery of goods from the port of Adelaide

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Adelaide

How to order international sea transport and cargo delivery services from the Port of Adelaide? Send us your requirements and we will organize the whole process according to an individual plan.

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International sea transportation today remains one of the most demanded due to its optimal cost and the ability to transport large-sized consignments. In addition, there are countries that provide only this type of transportation and Australia is just one of them. Delivery of goods from the port of Adelaide is carried out in a short time thanks to the brokerage and logistics holding “GALS MARKET”. We provide our clients with the most favorable conditions for cooperation, while guaranteeing the complete safety of goods and competent legal support.

Note that we value the personal time and finances of the client, therefore, for more than 10 years we have been carrying out operations in the field of foreign economic transactions. In addition, a door-to-door service is available to consumers, which guarantees one hundred percent integrity and intactness.

Delivery of goods from Australia

Due to its remoteness, the export of goods from Oceania is limited to two transfer options:

  • marine;
  • airy.

It should be noted that the logistics of sea transport involves large sizes of cargo, while air transport has certain dimensional restrictions and is expensive. Virtually all goods are transported in universal sea containers with a capacity of 20-45 feet. This greatly facilitates the process of unloading and loading, while the contents are securely and hermetically packed, which allows the recipient to be guaranteed safety and security. In addition, there are several dispatch models:

type “FCL” (Full Container Load) – full container load, with a capacity of 20-40 feet, for one client, an excellent and economical option for large companies;
type “LCL” (Less-than-container Load) – full loading of the warehouse with goods from different senders for different recipients, that is, a complex of goods with several customers, a good offer for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, since the transfer cost is divided between all customers.

It is important to mention that each model has its own contract for the carriage of goods (Bill of Lading), the registration of which is undertaken by the brokerage and logistics company “GALS MARKET”. Our specialists, having studied the technical task of the customer, select the best option individually for each client in order to achieve a suitable ratio of time-cost-safety.

Import of goods from the Port of Adelaide

Today Australia is a country with a stable economy. It has a strong and stable financial system, as well as a very low unemployment and inflation rate. The country exports the following goods: copper, manganese, zinc, aluminum and lead ore, pumice, slate, broadcast equipment, beauty products, food, wine, cattle, paper, clothing, cars, plastic products, footwear.

Vessels often leave from the largest ports: Bendigo, Newcastle, Melbourne, Darwin, Cairns, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, we will talk about the latter in more detail.

Port of Adelaide, located in the capital city of the same name on the coast of the Indian Ocean, due to its territorial location is an important transport hub at the intersection of routes between the east and west of the state. In addition, a new and modern international airport operates here. A significant part of Australia’s export cargo passes through it.

Services for the delivery of goods from the port of Adelaide

The GALS MARKET holding carries out international sea transportation at the most democratic and advantageous time-safety-cost ratio. Our specialists regularly monitor the market of container shipping services in order to offer Ukrainian entrepreneurs only favorable rates, which helps to achieve a high result.

It should be borne in mind that each country has its own level of customs control, as in Oceania there is an increased level, which significantly complicates the turnover. It is important to know which goods require special permission or are generally prohibited for import into the country. Our experts will make every effort to prevent force majeure during customs clearance.

The professionals of the brokerage and logistics company will provide the client with a guarantee and will be able to efficiently implement any transfer service, including door-to-door. Initially, the optimal route is selected so that the order arrives not only intact and safe, but also by a certain date.

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