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Delivery of goods from the port of Bremerhaven

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Bremerhaven

The port of Bremerhaven is the largest container trade and passenger port, the center of Germany’s fishing fleet. It is located on the shores of the North Sea at the confluence of the Weser and Geste rivers into the Heligoland Bay.

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Today the cargo port of Bremerhaven is one of the largest European container and European ports for import and export of cars. It has also successfully proven itself to be powerful and innovative when you need to ship cargo from Europe. It is used for the transportation of bulk, tall and heavy, refrigerated and food products, as well as in the cruise business.

Sea freight from the port of Bremerhaven: trust the professionals

German inland ports are some of the best transshipment centers in the world. As a logistics service provider and engine of growth, they are critical to the entire economy. Without their services, transportation by sea from Germany would not have been possible, and the country would not have been one of the world’s leading exporting countries. Virtually every branch of the economy depends on them for a functioning and well-developed infrastructure. They are also high-tech places with attractive work positions. They are of great regional and macroeconomic importance and require highly skilled workers.

In German ports, 36,000 people are employed in cargo handling and port services. In addition, there are 124,000 employees in the chain, and in the dependent industry – 1.35 million people who work daily to ensure that the delivery of cargo from the port of Bremerhaven to Ukraine is carried out on time.

Container transportation: advantages

They occupy a dominant position in the topic of international maritime transport. The reason for this is the ability to quickly move goods between different modes of transport. No other system has made as many revolutions in the past few decades as this one. The ISO-compliant large capacity container has been designed in accordance with American units. Shipping companies have been using containers since the mid-1960s and have since gone on a triumphant march across the industry.

Since the first use of these containers, we have been offering optimized transport processes to meet the requirements of customers around the world as a link between the ship owner and the shipper. The global share of grown structures, as well as high throughput and, above all, experience in extensive port landscapes and routes are due to the excellent service and cost-effective possibilities of sea freight forwarding.

More and more ships are sailing in the oceans. Because of their large tonnage, ocean-going ships can be a relatively environmentally friendly means of transportation. There is still significant potential for their design and construction in such a way that they have a lower environmental impact. It is important to develop and implement proposals at all levels of policy. Today, in 2021, about 90 percent of world trade will be carried out by sea – export of goods as well as import of goods.

Our brokerage and logistics company offer you our services, in which you will find many advantages:

  • sea transportation of capital and commercial goods in containers around the world;
  • consolidated container deliveries from and to all economic centers, including door-to-door;
  • deliveries on FOB terms;
  • freight forwarding agency for multimodal transportation of full tanks around the world;
  • consultations on the choice of suitable equipment;
  • creation of transport documentation corresponding to the letter of credit;
  • insurance.

Delivery of goods from the port of Bremerhaven: uninterrupted work

At the same time, at least 8 vessels with a carrying capacity of more than 30-40 tons are serviced at the berths. We guarantee impeccable service and professionalism, safety and absence of hidden payments, constant tracking and free storage.

Our firm has specialized in this topic for many years. We have several agents based in the largest port complexes not only in Germany. We work for you in close cooperation with international shipping companies. Quality service on time. Services to suit your budget with excellent value for money. Our team of experts will provide you with tailor-made solutions for each shipment, regardless of the destination of your shipment.

Shipping logistics: worry free

From packing and stacking, choosing the most efficient type, optimizing time, through organizing and coordinating customs clearance processes to delivery to a client or to your construction site – our specialists have everything you need.

Complex logistics processes require careful planning and professional execution to best suit your requirements. Our experienced workers have successfully delivered tens of thousands of containers to their destination in the past. All over the world, in every conceivable combination of relationships, we find compelling solutions.