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Delivery of goods from the port of Auckland

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest port in Waitemata Bay on about. Northern. The foreign trade harbor with a depth of 25-27 m is located in the Hauraki Bay and has 23 berths for mooring large-tonnage vessels with a draft of up to 12 m. The length of the mooring front is over 7 km.

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International sea transportation is considered the easiest and cheapest way to transport goods. And their popularity is not surprising at all. Indeed, due to the provision of optimal conditions for the safety of each individual cargo, high reliability and safety are provided. This service is in great demand when it comes to the import or export of various goods to sea countries. One of these destinations is New Zealand and the country’s largest port, Auckland.

From year to year, the number of foreign trade transactions in the world is increasing. At the same time, New Zealand is one of the highest priority areas. Marine logistics offers many benefits, namely:

  • The ability to maintain trade relations with many maritime countries around the world;
  • Availability at the cost of all types of transportation;
  • The ability to transport even the largest consignments of goods;
  • Transfer procedures are minimized.

Many logistics companies in Ukraine offer services for the delivery of sea cargo from Auckland. Brokerage and logistics company “Hals-Market” offers services for the delivery of goods from the port of Auckland, using only proven sea routes and schemes. This allows you to ensure the maximum speed of arrival of the batch at the optimum time.

Features of sea transportation

New Zealand is located near Australia in Oceania. They include many islands, from very tiny to large, each of which is scattered across the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. And if the main transportation within the island state is carried out using road transport, then foreign trade is carried out mainly by sea transport or by air. At the same time, it is the sea traffic that is most beneficial for the economy of various enterprises, since it can reduce the cost of supplies. There are several ports in New Zealand, among which, in addition to Auckland, are Taurang, Wellington, Timaru, Nelson, etc.

In terms of its economic development, New Zealand is similar to many European countries. The country is producing natural gas, oil, coal and brown coal, limestone, gold, iron ore and much more. Of particular importance are titanium-magnesium sands, which are common in the deposits of the island country. All of this is of great value, which is why many companies are actively trading minerals with other countries around the world.

In addition, the backbone of New Zealand’s agricultural industry is animal husbandry, in particular sheep and cattle breeding. That is why the export of goods to Ukraine includes dairy products, meat and meat products (lamb, beef), fish, wool and woolen products, iron ore and much more. Based on the specifics of the supplied goods, the import of goods from the port of Auckland is mostly carried out in special containers (including refrigerated ones), thanks to which even perishable goods can be transported in the shortest possible time and with maximum safety.

Calculation of the cost of delivery of goods

The cost of delivery of goods from the port of Auckland or any other port depends on many factors that have their own nuances. If you are interested in the cost of delivery from the Hals-Market company and the manager was able to calculate it correctly, you must have information about the type of cargo or goods being transported, its dimensions, including weight and volume, as well as the destination. Also, the calculation of transportation includes the delivery time and the transportation period. At the same time, the most optimal way is container transportation as a groupage cargo.

By requesting information on the delivery of goods, the manager of a logistics company is even able to choose the best route, and the client will receive recommendations regarding the correct packaging and labeling of parcels. And selection of the optimal container type can optimize your costs.

Delivery of goods from the port of Auckland with the company “Hals-Market”

Very often, the logistics of sea transport with the port of Auckland is organized in the form of sea or multimodal shipments. The company “Hals-Market” is able to organize all types of container transportation, including refrigerated with a destination in the port of Odessa. If your cargo is relatively small, shipping from Auckland Port may not include ordering a separate container. Such delivery is organized among the groupage cargo.

Trade through the port of Auckland is a very promising direction for many countries around the world. And Ukraine is no exception. And together with the Hals-Market logistics company, each client can count on fast and reliable delivery of products, including assistance in customs clearance and cargo insurance.