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Delivery from the port of New York

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of New York

The Port of New York specializes in the transport of large containers, along with the ports in New Orleans, Portland and Houston. Transportation of goods to European countries is carried out along the North Atlantic route. Pacific routes also provide links to China and Japan.

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Port in New York – one of the largest

There are many large ports on the territory of America, one of the most popular is the port in New York. On average, 40% of all traffic in the country is carried out through this port. More cargo is transported only by the largest port in Europe – Rotterdam. But even he is inferior in terms of the value of the transported products. To summarize, the port in New York has over 50 exits in 24 hours.

Delivery of cargo from the USA to Ukraine in this way has a number of advantages. The main plus is the affordable cost of shipping. You can also highlight the convenience of transportation, because it is by sea routes that it is most convenient to transport oversized containers. It also makes it possible to transport dangerous goods with a guarantee of safety and a high level of safety. Indeed, in order to deliver bulky and dangerous goods to the specified place, modern RO-RO vessels are used.

But most often you have to transport containers from 20 to 40 feet. Thus, you can quickly deliver a car, motorcycle or even a boat. But the containers are also suitable for snowmobiles, jet skis and other equipment.

An indisputable advantage is the high speed of delivery, because all routes have been debugged for a long time. Professional logistics of sea transportation allows each customer to receive the goods quickly and without overpayments. Organization of transportation also takes a minimum of time. Using this type of transportation, a light truck can also be delivered.

Advantages of sea delivery of goods

Delivery of goods from the port of New York, carried out by our company, is one of the most reliable ways to transport the goods you need. Indeed, our company employs experienced specialists who have considerable experience in the field of carriage of goods by sea. Specialists also take on the responsibility for paperwork, regardless of the complexity of the transportation. After all, our company cooperates with many ports in different countries of the world.

Due to the fact that experienced specialists are working on the task, this greatly facilitates the process of delivery by sea. The cost of our company’s services also pleases customers, because there is a system of discounts and bonuses.

Our specialists work out the delivery route in detail, choosing the most optimal option, thus saving your money and time. The company’s employees also make sure that the cargo is dispatched and delivered on time. If the client has a need, employees can collect the goods and deliver it from the seller’s warehouse. Also, upon arrival, the cargo will be met and checked. After that, delivery is carried out to the specified location.

It is best to order international sea transportation from us, because we provide customers with a full package of services. So, we personally handle all the necessary documents. If necessary, we also issue licenses, insure the cargo.

Also, customs clearance will be carried out in a short time. You can also get legal advice if you have any questions. Brokerage and logistics company Hals Market guarantees timely and budget door-to-door delivery of goods.

Sea transportation of goods in the United States is carried out under a pre-signed contract. So each client can be sure of the transparency of the work, the document also indicates the delivery time and cost of services.

We are proud of the quality of the services provided, because customers do not have to worry about the safety of goods. Choosing the best transportation option, it is possible to achieve one hundred percent safety of even the most fragile goods.

The customer does not have to worry about loading and unloading, because our employees take on these responsibilities. At the same time, you do not have to overpay, because the cost of our services is one of the most affordable.

At the same time, we have no restrictions on the volume of transported goods. It is possible to carry out cargo transportation even in large quantities. For this, our specialists will select the best option.

We value each client, so we do all the work quickly and efficiently. In order to arrange a cargo transportation, you just need to contact the representatives of our company and sign an agreement. All this will take a minimum of time. After that, our employees will select the best route, type of transportation and ensure the safety of the cargo. So, in a short time, you will receive the goods you need at the specified address.