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Delivery of goods from the port of Antwerp

Delivery of goods by sea from the port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp, a sea and river port in Belgium, is located on the Scheldt River 90 km from the North Sea and is capable of accommodating Capesize vessels. The port can simultaneously receive up to 400 ships: the mooring front reaches 100 km, the depths at the berths range from 5 to 17.5 m.

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Our country is rapidly developing its business. As a result, the service “delivery of goods from Europe” is becoming more and more in demand, along with other international transportation. Clients of the Hals-Market company are increasingly choosing for an individual approach to everyone, the adequacy of prices and the reliability of any transportation. No wonder. After all, prices for goods from Europe in our Ukraine are formed based on their initial cost, as well as the cost of their delivery to the country. Therefore, every entrepreneur tries to reduce the cost of the delivery factor. And the Hals-Market company is able to satisfy any client’s requests.

Any, including international sea transportation, must be carried out with the help of professionals in their field. Today, the service for the delivery of various cargoes and goods from European countries is in great demand. And due to close trade relations with many trading platforms in Europe, the economy of our country is rapidly gaining momentum. In addition, many Ukrainian companies export goods to Europe. For them, timely delivery of goods is a matter of reputation. However, for deliveries from some countries, no border crossing is required.

Delivery of goods from Europe: fast, profitable, reliable

It is very important when crossing borders and delivering goods from European countries to know the nuances of filling out customs declarations, as well as many other features of transportation. Otherwise, it can lead to a violation of delivery times and other unpleasant moments. But together with the brokerage and logistics company “Hals-Market”, it has become much easier to perform reliable delivery exactly on time. Insurance of all cargoes can protect you from possible losses and minimize logistic risks. The main task is to make delivery across Europe a hassle-free job.

Many transport companies operating in the European market deliver goods and goods using trucks. Thus, the delivery of goods from Europe to Ukraine and back has become an integral part of our life. Companies that trade with European countries are developing more and more actively. The cost of any logistics services is calculated individually for each client of the company. After all, we strive to make the freight market accessible to everyone.

Import of goods from the port of Antwerp

Belgium is one of the leading suppliers of metal products and textiles to Ukraine. In addition, valuable metals, precious stones, food, and high quality plastics are imported from here. Due to the presence of a well-functioning transport infrastructure, Belgium occupies a leading position throughout the world.

But not only Belgian goods are brought from this region. Many international shipments pass through the port of Antwerp. Here are located the most important European transport routes connecting the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, the Scandinavian countries, as well as the countries of Eastern Europe, including Ukraine. So, from these countries the following goods are imported to Ukraine:

  • equipment;
  • industrial chemistry;
  • materials for construction;
  • electrical engineering.

In addition, packaging, containers and other materials are a very popular group of goods for import to Ukraine.

Advantages of delivery from Antwerp together with “Hals-Market”

Logistics of shipping together with Hals-Market offers a number of advantages, thanks to which many clients choose them again and again:

  • Local consolidation of goods and their delivery to Ukraine.
  • The company employs highly qualified specialists who provide full support of the cargo at all stages of delivery.
  • Selection of the most successful type of transport based on the task at hand, cargo dimensions, delivery times and shipping costs.
  • Full support of brokers of the company, who process all customs documentation.
  • Services for the delivery of goods from the port of Antwerp.

The transportation of goods and various cargoes from Belgium to Ukraine is popular not only with large companies and industries, but also with ordinary people who order certain goods on European trading platforms. Due to the fact that the distance between the countries is quite large, the delivery of goods is accompanied by the registration of many customs documents, as well as checks and other nuances. The experts of the company “Hals-Market” provide full support for transportation and responsibility for their work. And if necessary, transportation of large cargoes by one transport to the destination is provided. The cost of delivery depends on the weight of the cargo, the type of goods transported, its dimensions, volume, destination and other nuances. In each case it is calculated individually.