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Customs clearance

Complex customs and brokerage clearance of all types of cargo - groupage, high-value, liquid, project, oversized and dangerous cargo

Customs clearance

“GALS MARKET” will help you to quickly and efficiently carry out customs clearance of goods, highly qualified employees will advise you on all issues of interest related to the import or export of goods.

Do you need customs clearance of goods? Contact the GALS MARKET Group of Companies. Customs clearance of goods and cargo transportation with the widest range of goods is our main activity profile, and many years of experience and a team of qualified specialists allow us to quickly and efficiently clear and deliver any cargo.

The GALS MARKET company provides:

  • Customs clearance of goods in the Southern Regional Customs (Odessa, Black Sea, Southern ports); Kiev and Dnieper Regional Customs, as well as across the land border for goods from Europe.
  • Transfer of money for the goods to the supplier.
  • Registration of necessary permits, certification of goods in state bodies of Ukraine.
  • Leased consolidated warehouses in Europe and Asia, allow you to form orders from 1 pallet.
  • We develop different options for the delivery of goods in terms of means and methods of transportation, transit time and cost of transportation, in order to minimize your costs.

We guarantee stability and high level of service due to:

  • Professional specialists in the transport and customs fields;
  • Existence of a wide partner network in different countries of the world;
  • Existing contracts with shipping lines, logistics operators, seaports;
  • Strict regulation of the processes of loading, transportation, unloading and targeted delivery of goods to customers.

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Customs brokerage

The specifics of the customs sphere and the desire of business to reduce costs in the conduct of export-import operations predetermined the wide development of the market of customs brokerage services in Ukraine. In this area, GALS MARKET has gained significant experience, providing daily customs brokerage support for commercial companies, individual entrepreneurs and private clients.

In the aspect of conducting foreign economic activity, a significant proportion of operations are imports of goods. Goods imported into Ukraine are subject to taxation (excluding preferential categories of goods with a zero rate). It is reasonable that at the planning stage both the commercial director, the owner of the imported car, and the entrepreneur are thinking about how to properly carry out customs clearance of imported goods. Of course, you can try your hand and try to interact with counterparties and government agencies (customs, fiscal service, certification centers) on your own, but you need to be ready for a protracted process right away.

Official registration of movement of goods and / or vehicles across the state border, better known as customs clearance of goods or customs “clearance”, includes:

  • calculation of the amount of obligatory payments
  • formation of a package of documents
  • interaction with regulatory authorities and contractors
  • provision of temporary storage of goods (if necessary)

The list of measures for brokerage services of goods, depending on the type of foreign economic operation and the characteristics of the goods, may differ. An experienced customs broker will advise you on the specifics of a specific operation and mandatory procedures. At the preparatory stage, it is important to check the registration of subjects of foreign economic activity (FEA) in accordance with the current legislation and the correctness of drawing up an agreement, taking into account taxation. When preparing an international contract, it is also important to get the advice of a specialist on the customs code. Remember that the slightest inaccuracy in the documents can cause the state customs to refuse to import the goods. In such cases, due to loss, delay or damage to goods / raw materials, the business suffers losses, and penalties only exacerbate the negative process. Downtime of goods at the border is an extremely undesirable moment that entails costs, a slowdown in trade and, ultimately, a decrease in profitability. Fortunately, such situations are not familiar to the clients of “GALS MARKET” – our brokers and lawyers control every stage of customs clearance of your cargo.

The package of supporting and supporting documents includes:

  • foreign trade contract
  • invoice or other document
  • product specifications
  • licenses and quality certificates
  • permits for import (if necessary)

Regardless of whether we import or export goods, professional customs service plays a key role in minimizing costs. Registration of a batch can take place according to several methods, and a professional broker will be able to offer you a model for optimizing mandatory fiscal payments and ensure that there are no penalties.

Particular attention should be paid to the cleaning of goods delivered by sea vessels from China. Along with the payment of duties and other mandatory fees, starting from 2020 it is worth even more scrupulously observing the sanitary and epidemiological requirements of the controlling services.

Groupage cargo customs clearance

Large consignments of homogeneous cargo during transportation take one (or several) containers, and the package of documents is common. But as for small-sized goods, here customs brokerage has its own specifics. Preparation of a declaration and other documentation, submission of documents to the customs authority, payment of duties and other mandatory payments – the procedure is different in everything. How to deal with such situations?

Consolidated cargo, consisting of a certain number of small-sized goods from different owners, is assembled for joint shipment. The picking of the prefabricated batch takes place in specially equipped consolidated warehouses. The advantages of delivery on a prefabricated pallet are efficiency and low costs. For small loads, this is the most economical solution. But it is important to understand that customs clearance should be carried out by professionals with experience in this area, because not all customs brokerage companies provide such a service. Customs clearance of mixed cargo of different types is a rather difficult procedure, because in a huge container there are completely different goods with certain customs control algorithms. In such cases, registration of each unit of the product takes place, and only after following the procedures, the small-sized product will be legalized.

GALS MARKET provides comprehensive support of goods at customs both for large container consignments and for small-sized items as part of groupage cargo. You can always contact us if you need delivery from Europe. Our consolidated warehouse in Forst (Germany) allows us to accumulate small shipments and transport them as part of a consolidated cargo, ensuring fast and cost-effective delivery. If you have any questions, we are always ready to provide individual advice on any aspect of logistics and customs procedures.