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Trucking in Ukraine and Europe

Collection and storage of small consignments from several consignors for subsequent transportation under one transport document

We carry out regular international transportation of goods from the countries of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as transportation of small consignments of goods within Europe. The Hals Market company has the ability to consolidate and store goods in a warehouse in Europe.

The employees of our company exercise full control over all stages of the transportation process, which ensures the safety of the cargo and its delivery to the consignee’s warehouse on time.

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Delivery of goods from Europe by road

Freight transport services in Europe today provide the basis for the work of many Ukrainian companies. Private entrepreneurs, whose activity is connected with foreign economic activity, also order cargo transportation from Europe . A fairly extensive list of transported products – from food and clothing to industrial goods and dangerous goods (ADR products) – presupposes compliance with the storage and transportation rules for each product group. At the same time, one of the key aspects of a good transport service is building an optimal delivery scheme. If everything is taken into account and adjusted, the transportation of your cargo from abroad will meet three main requirements: safe, fast, inexpensive.

Trucking in Europe

It all depends on the type of cargo and the volume of the transported batch. Due to the presence of a common border with the European Union, due to the excellent transport infrastructure and the presence of a developed freight market, the delivery of consignments by road is in demand. Depending on the characteristics of the object of transportation, one or another type of special automobile equipment is selected: container ships (heavy-duty trawls), tents, refrigerators, tank trucks. Platforms (low loader trawls, semitrailers) are used to send products of non-standard dimensions. For the delivery of hazardous substances (flammable liquids, gaseous substances, oil products), special vehicles with an increased level of safety are used. Compliance with regulations, quality of movement and maximum isolation of tanks are important here.

Multimodal delivery scheme – simple solution to complex problems

Our specialists in the field of international logistics and customs brokerage operations form an individual package of services for each client. Choosing the best way of transportation, in certain cases we recommend multimodal transportation. This scheme is based on the symbiosis of several modes of transportation in one route. For some routes and goods, such a model ensures delivery, taking into account the key requirements of the sender / recipient – efficiency and a favorable price. Of course, a multimodal scheme is optimal only in the case of cooperation with a reliable agent, when one company has an extensive partner network, contracts for services of linear regular flights and its own consolidated warehouses. The control of the transported goods by the carrier at every stage (loading, declaration at customs, storage, transshipment, unloading) is a sign of the quality of services.

Groupage cargo from Europe: low-cost delivery of small cargo

In the total mass of trade between Ukraine and the EU, along with large deliveries of finished products and raw materials, a significant share is occupied by small parties / small-sized products. In such cases, the best solution would be to send the order as part of a container equipped with other goods. All cargo units in large containers belong to different owners, but one agent controls the turnkey delivery process. If you need to place a one-time order, purchase a small trial batch or receive a set of small-sized items, the LCL model is the best solution.

Transportation of groupage cargo from Europe requires strict adherence to technology. Only then can you be sure that the guarantees of safety and timely receipt will be observed. First of all, it is important to pay attention to the presence of consolidated warehouses. Verified companies lease large warehouse space for commercial purposes in order to maximize delivery and control the entire process.

Advantages of transportation with other goods:

  • economy

The cost of services is divided between tens or hundreds of senders, and the final figure is quite attractive.

  • safety

Consolidation of goods in a specially equipped warehouse using modern loading and packaging equipment allows ensuring the integrity of the facility throughout the entire route, starting from the moment of receipt.

  • convenience

If the client does not want to spend too much time waiting for acceptance at the warehouse, delivery “from door to door” is possible. As for the accompanying documentation, the freight forwarding company takes care of all the stages of customs support, from declaring and submitting documentation to the regulatory authorities to paying duties and other mandatory fees.

If you need to carry out small-sized LCL cargo transportation with a guarantee, GALS MARKET is your reliable partner!

Container transportation by road is one of our core competencies. Many years of experience, various transports on European roads and the latest IT solutions ensure an optimal flow of goods at an excellent price-performance ratio. We demonstrate full control over the entire process so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Delivery of goods by road: entrust professionals

We rely on the latest digital solutions to ensure that auto-delivery of goods is carried out on time, smoothly and transparently. We connect the telematics systems in our machines with the control system in our central schedule. Thus, we provide perfect planning and constant control of your deliveries, thus we deliver the goods on time. Thanks to accurate calculation, we are also able to inform our customers about the arrival time to the minute.

Whether traffic for auto manufacturers, machinery for industry or distribution for trade: we have the right machines for many industry requirements. Modern technologies of trucks, auxiliary systems, own workshop and qualified drivers show a high degree of safety, so that autodelivery is as reliable as possible.

Transportation of oversized cargo by road: geography of routes

In recent years, Hals Market has accumulated extensive experience in the field of European ground deliveries. Our schedule also includes many routes in Ukraine and European countries. We are your logistics expert for trucking. If necessary, there is a delivery of goods from door to door. For many years, our company has stood for reliable and flexible logistics services in this segment. Our extensive forwarding experience, extensive transport network and comprehensive know-how guarantee you trouble-free and first-class all-round service in all matters of interest.

Economically, Europe is getting closer and closer. No organization can or should turn a blind eye to this and see expansion as an opportunity. We would like to support you in the field of logistics. If you are interested in cargo delivery or have any questions, you need a personal consultation from one of our experts, do not hesitate to contact. We will be happy to clarify any questions with you. Just make an appointment with us or send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.