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Auto sea transportation

Sea carriage of cars: methods, advantages, recommendations

Delivery of vehicles from abroad by sea freight is becoming more and more popular every year. Especially when it comes to American, Korean and Chinese cars. The mechanism for transporting cars by sea has been established for a long time, and the emergence of a market for specialized agents for transportation and transaction support provides ample opportunities for business and private clients.

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There are two options for carriage of cars by sea:

  1. Ro-Ro car transportation

The chartering of Ro-Ro type vessels (ro-ro-ro-ro boats), intended for rolling cargo, is relevant for large consignments of vehicles. The horizontal method of loading without the use of cranes and containers allows you to minimize the time spent on loading and unloading operations and reduce the cost of transportation services. Vehicles (TS) enter on board on their own along inclined platforms (ramps), after which the workers fix each unit with fasteners (guy wires, hooks, bars).

Requirements for Ro-Ro vehicles:

  • the car must be in good working order and on the move
  • the tank must be no more than half full of fuel
  • the keys must be in the car
  • no additional cargo in the cabin and trunk

If the machine is not on the move, the paving is done by towing. This service will be included in the estimate of the cost of sea transportation on Ro-Ro /

  1. Container car transportation

Delivery is carried out in containers. One or more cargo units, depending on the dimensions of the cargo, are placed in a container and fixed. After checking the documents by customs officers, the metal box is sealed. A maximum of 4 cars can be placed in a 40-foot High Cube (40’HC) container, but in most cases 2-3 units are delivered in one box. When sending expensive models (rare, exclusive), it is recommended to order a 20-foot container for delivery separately. In this case, the client receives additional guarantees of the safety of the valuable cargo.

Vehicle requirements for container transportation:

  • empty dried gas tank, oil tanks, etc.
  • the battery must be disconnected
  • keys must not be left inside the vehicle
  • no other goods are in the cabin and / or trunk

Please note that the transportation of cars from the USA does not imply the delivery of spare parts in the same container with the car or inside the body. To send separately purchased components, you can use the LCL delivery service.

Transportation of cars from the USA: customs requirements and procedure

One of the key stages in the successful delivery of an American car to Ukraine is customs clearance at a US port. When ordering a service from a brokerage and customs company, the agent prepares a package of documents for the procedure, monitors the movement and controls the logistics operation at all stages.

  1. Document preparation

Contains technical passport data (original name, main characteristics), information about the owner, a document confirming payment. When posting a deposit, a letter with an export permit is required, drawn up by the seller and certified by a notary. A car with a package of documents is delivered to the port / container terminal. If the port escort is carried out not by the owner, but by the transport agent, in this case, the package of documents must include a power of attorney (for an individual or legal entity) on the right to conduct customs clearance on behalf of the owner.

  1. Customs inspection

The procedure for passing the American customs is carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations of the US customs service. During loading, an authorized employee checks the vehicle’s license plate and compliance with the parameters of the accompanying documentation. The American license plate ((VIN) is installed in the passenger compartment, in the area of ​​the windshield. The absence of the registration number may cause the cargo to be denied for export across the border.

Pricing policy of carriers: the cost of car transportation from the USA

A number of factors are involved in the formation of the parameter for the price of car transportation from the USA to Ukrainian ports. In particular, the payment for the international sea delivery of the vehicle consists of the freight rate, the commission of the transport agent, mandatory tax levies in the USA and Ukraine, the cost of the estimate for additional services. Depending on the type of vessel, the length of the route and the carrier’s pricing policy, the sea freight rate varies.

When determining the Ro-Ro freight rate, agents take into account the following rates:

  • price quotes are based on the total volume of the vehicle in feet / cubic meters (CBF / CBM)
  • the amount of freight on rollers delivering vehicles from the USA depends on the brand, model name and year of manufacture of the vehicle .

The cost of car transportation from the USA to Ukraine in a container is determined depending on the method of price formation. In particular, if the car is transported by sea on a container ship, the freight rate can be indicated both for a container unit for full load (FCL), and for one piece of cargo, taking into account the volume of the vehicle.

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Transportation of cars: when to do it

If you do not want to accumulate extra kilometers on a newly purchased car, you should think about how to transport the car. Our professional team, having many years of experience in this field, will make sure that the transportation of the car is as fast and reliable as possible.

Compared to other types of transportation, containerized cars are often the cheapest. For example, if you want to send your car to Europe, the transition will take from 10 to 21 days. Special cargo ships are used for this. Thanks to the simplified loading and unloading, it is cheaper than on a classic container ship. It is not allowed to leave personal items in the vehicle.

Vehicle transportation: saving resources

International road transportation on container ships includes the fact that you can put personal items in the car without any hassle. With this method, you can choose between different container sizes: 40ft containers usually hold several vehicles and are relatively cheap compared to 20ft containers. The smaller the storage, the fewer machines it hosts. This reduces the risk of damage when the machine is being transported. As such, 20-footers are a reasonable alternative, especially for expensive sports models or expensive vintage ones.

The smaller options are more expensive, but they have one advantage: it saves time because you don’t have to wait for a large download to complete. We offer you the whole range of professional transportation, including the transportation of a car in a container, the price of which is discussed individually. Set the pace yourself! We are happy to advise you and are guaranteed to find the cheapest and fastest way to transport a car. We will find a solution for you if you want to transport trucks, construction equipment or custom-sized models. And, if you wish, we can also take care of pre-transportation to the port of departure and transport from the destination to the final destination.