Sea transportation of cars: basic rules

Today it is possible to transport cars with the help of special transport containers. For transportation, special containers are used, the design of which can withstand long-term transportation and prevent damage to the cargo. Containers can be of different sizes – the volume is selected depending on the cargo being transported. After all, it is possible to transport both cars and trucks.

Features of transportation cars

There is no better solution for road transport than dry cargo containers. The main thing is to comply with all existing rules for loading, fastening and transportation. This guarantees 100% safety during transportation.

In order for the car to be transported safely, it is important to follow the recommendations regarding the placement of cars in containers:

Container 20 feet – allowed to transport 1 passenger car.
40ft container – can accommodate 2 cars.
A 45-foot container allows you to accommodate a minimum of 3 cars, subject to the basic rules.

These rules must not be violated, otherwise you risk damaging the vehicle, which will result in material losses.

Stages of transportation

In order for the transportation of the car to go smoothly, it is necessary to do the preparatory work correctly. First you need to correctly draw up all the accompanying documents, without them it will not be possible to send the vehicle. It is better if a logistics company does this, because this requires knowledge and experience.

The vehicle itself also requires special preparation. Pay attention to the wheels and tires – they should not be dirty and wet, so you should first clean the car of dirt.

In order not to damage the car during transport, it is also necessary to remove the spoilers, the antennas can also break during loading. Take care that these parts are carefully dismantled and packed. After all, they can get lost during transportation.

To transport the car, you need to fill the fuel tank. All experts advise that you have at least one-fourth of a tank. This will greatly facilitate the loading and unloading of the vehicle.

It is also necessary to carry out a small diagnostic in order to exclude any leakage of the working fluids of the car. When the vehicle is idle for a long time, coolant and oil leaks often occur. It is dangerous to transport the car in this condition.

Also check your tire pressure before departure. Otherwise, after a long transportation, you may have problems with unloading the vehicle and further movement.

Also make sure the battery is disconnected. You need to disconnect it from the car alarm. This is an important requirement, which should not be neglected if you want to bring the car safe and sound. Also, do not turn on the car alarm during transportation.

All this is necessary for safe transportation and minimizing problems with the further movement of the vehicle. If the car is on the move, you will need to drive into the container yourself. If the car is not in working order or the wheels have been dismantled, it is possible to place the vehicle in the box using a specialized loader. If you followed all the rules, the transportation of the car will be comfortable and without any problems.

How to transport a car

To transport a car in a container safely, you must strictly follow the instructions. So, having loaded the vehicle independently or with the help of a loader, it is necessary to install special material directly under the engine. It is also necessary to seal the rear and front axles of the vehicle.

If an international road transportation of a vehicle with a gearbox is carried out, it is necessary to switch to the parking mode. This is the only safe way to transport long distances. If the car is transported on a manual box, it is necessary to switch to first gear, and the handbrake is also turned on.

And for the transportation of cars that are placed in several rows, it is necessary to install a flyover. It must be securely fixed, because transportation can be quite long. Also, the flyover additionally protects the vehicle from any damage.

When the vehicle is placed in the container, it is necessary to close the box tightly and place a seal. The seal number is mandatory recorded in the accompanying documents.

If all the above rules have been observed, transportation of the car in a container, the price of which is one of the most affordable, will allow you to transport the car to any distance without any problems.