Container shipping. What do you need to know?

If you need to safely transport a large volume of goods, the best option is a container. This is one of the most inexpensive types of transportation, which is very popular among both private individuals and entrepreneurs. The disadvantage is the speed, because transportation by sea is one of the slowest. But we will talk about this further.

Advantages of container transportation

The main reason why container shipping is so popular is its low cost. When compared with other types of transportation, the savings are more than obvious.

But there is also a significant drawback – time. As a rule, transportation of containers is carried out on average per month. If you want to save on the transportation of a small amount of cargo, choose container shipping. But keep in mind the fact that the delivery time can increase significantly.

If you are willing to ignore time when cost is a key factor, then container shipping is the perfect solution. If both indicators are important, you will have to choose: you want to save time or get your cargo as quickly as possible. If the latter is more important, logistics companies will provide you with many other shipping options.

According to statistics, it is container transportation that is one of the most popular today. Seaports handle an increasing amount of containerized cargo every season. As a rule, food products and light industry are exported, while agricultural machinery, various electronics and even building materials are mainly imported.

Another indication that international container traffic is developing is the interest of international investors. Large companies are interested in investing funds in order to develop this area. So this type of transportation has a great future.
Another important advantage of such deliveries is their versatility. After all, land transport and air transportation are not always available and not for all types of cargo. Therefore, in many cases, shipping by sea is the only available option.

Shipping by sea also remains the only option for many maritime countries that have developed maritime systems but rarely use other transportation options.

As you can see, transportation by sea has a wide range of advantages, thanks to which they are becoming more and more popular all over the world every season.

If you have chosen this type of transportation for yourself, contact the logistics company that provides the necessary services for assistance. It is better if you order comprehensive assistance. Then the company will take care of all the bureaucratic issues, you will only have to track the delivery of the goods.

How much does transportation cost

Many are interested in the cost of shipping a container. To calculate it, it is necessary to take into account a number of criteria. The most important parameter is the distance – you need to understand from which port the goods will need to be delivered. The rate depends on the distance.

The volume of transported products also plays a role. It is also important to indicate this parameter to the operator so that logisticians can calculate the cost of transportation. The specified volume determines which container is needed for safe transportation. So, companies provide customers, as a rule, with two sizes – 20 and 40 cubic meters. Also available are containerized groupage cargo transportation, in which the client pays only for a part of the container (which is actually occupied by the cargo). This is the cheapest transportation option.

Pay attention not only to the volume, but also to the actual weight of the product. So, in terms of dimensions, the goods can easily fit in a container, while in terms of weight, the cargo will not pass. In order for the goods to be delivered safe and sound, all existing restrictions must be observed. So in some cases you will need to use either a larger box or several boxes at once.

If we are talking about small consignments of goods, multimodal container transportation will suit you. Consolidated cargoes are completely safe for transportation of almost all types of goods. After all, when loading, all requirements regarding packaging and placement are observed. But at the same time, you save a significant amount of money, because you do not pay for the rent of the entire container.

So that you do not have to figure out all the intricacies of transportation on your own and select the best option, seek help from specialists. It is best to order a range of services from a trusted logistics company. As a result, you will save time, money, nerves, and even get all the necessary guarantees.