International transportation services from "Gals Market"

International transportation services from “Gals Market”

It is known that people have always sought to explore new territories, in particular because of the desire to trade. It seems surprising that the process of exchange of commodity-material values ​​was considered an indicator of the cultural level of the people. Persians, Phoenicians, residents of Mesopotamia, ancient Greeks, Byzantines – it is thanks to their contribution that we have today an understanding of the development of trade relations from barter to cash. With the industrial revolution, and now digitalization and globalization, trade only gained momentum. Today, international transportation of goods plays a significant role in the economy of each state, as they reflect the amount of imported and exported products. For business representatives, this is a unique opportunity to make a profit through the sale of imported goods or their creation for sale. Therefore, international transportation services from “Gals Market” are in demand and relevant today as never before.

It should be understood that the transfer of products takes into account a huge number of nuances, fundamental among them are: speed, safety, dimensions and price. Each entrepreneur chooses comfortable conditions for himself, and the specialists of the GALS MARKET holding will help them in every possible way. Let’s consider the main methods of supply.

International sea transport

Today, shipping by sea has not lost its relevance, even more it is still one of the most popular, and in some cases irreplaceable. Among its advantages:

  • affordable cost;
  • relative responsiveness;
  • the ability to transport oversized supplies.

Among the shortcomings, they take into account the “slowness”, which is noticeable in comparison with other modes of transport. Yes, the ship goes slower than a plane flies or a car travels, but in this way the risk of damage to the goods is minimized – it is securely sealed in the container and arrives at the customer virtually intact. Our brokerage and logistics company offers two types of transportation:

  • FCL – the container is filled with goods for one consumer, often they are representatives of large business, a profitable and reliable way;
  • LCL – items from different manufacturers are placed in the storage for different customers, which allows you to split the delivery amount between them.

In each of the above cases, we provide customs clearance and full legal accompaniment to minimize the risks of unforeseen situations.

International transportation of goods by road

Automobiles are also a popular mode of transport in terms of turnover. When it comes to short distances, in particular within the country, a road freight service is offered. Among its advantages:

  • real efficiency – order fulfillment within seven days (between the European Union and the post-Soviet countries);
  • flexibility of the route – specialists arrange logistics in such a way as to deliver luggage on time due to developed highways;
  • the possibility of implementing a door-to-door delivery service;
  • there are no restrictions on groups of goods – liquid, bulk, dangerous goods are transported, as well as those that require a special temperature regime. < / li>

Our company offers the following transportation models:

  • FTL – in this case, the cargo department of a car for one client is completely filled, it is distinguished by safety, control of delivery times and the ability to select the appropriate vehicle;
  • LTL – passing transportation for several consumers, suitable for the delivery of several small-sized cargo at one time, an economically advantageous option, one of its disadvantages is delay due to shipments to different locations.

As you can see, there are some similarities with sea transfers.

Delivery of goods by air

Air transport is the leader in prompt delivery. The order will arrive literally in a few days from anywhere in the world, but an increased price is also requested for the speed. In addition, there are certain restrictions on the dimensions and groups of goods – our experts also advise on this. This option includes the export of goods and the import of goods classified as high-margin or perishable. The duration of the transfer depends on the availability of a direct flight, as well as free space on board.

This type is suitable in the case of goods turnover between distant areas, for example, from Singapore, Japan, China, USA to European countries, including Ukraine.

Do you want to deliver products from or to Ukraine from anywhere in the world? We will be happy to help you with the implementation of this process – please contact the competent manager at the numbers indicated on the website.