Импорт и экспорт товаров с фирмой Галс Маркет

Import-export of goods as 2 * 2 = 4.

For many years, horror stories have been circulating around the import and export of goods and customs in Ukraine. I, personally often meeting with our potential clients, and in the future, who become our partners, I hear the question: “How is it at the customs? How to import and export this or that product? What to do ??” To which I always have an answer: CORRECT, according to the laws in force. Yes, according to the law, no matter how surprising it sounds. People still have a strong opinion that it is unprofitable to import or export goods according to the law. That customs is an underworld that does what it wants and that anyone who takes up this craft is doomed. I want to assure everyone that this opinion is very wrong. In our work, we often meet with the fact that after analyzing the transaction, we see that this transaction is profitable if the goods are imported / exported officially according to the law. Only with the official import or export of goods can laws be enforced. We can always defend your interests – choose only professionals.

Unfortunately, we often come across a stone wall in front of us from the phrases “we are all set up”, “we are fine”, but in fact it turns out that many work with companies that hire companies like ours to perform work. In this connection, information is distorted and, as a result, the client does not receive the necessary service.

In addition, many clients are manufacturers of products or traders of these products, but do not dare to start foreign trade, due to fears that in our country it is unprofitable and impossible. For such Customers, we can be both a broker, an importer or an exporter, proving that everything is possible with professionals.

It often happens that the intermediary “thickens the colors”, talks about the difficulties of working with this or that product, the price of the product is very low and at such a price it is difficult or impossible to clear it through customs, thereby raising the cost of the work, and puts the money received from the Customer in your pocket.

And then, when such a Customer finally turns his attention to us – a real broker who has a license and earns a reputation in the world market for many years, he learns from us that the goods were imported more expensive than competitors and their price could be defended. Therefore, as a rule, this is often a loss of money, a position in the market, a loss of personnel, a drain of specialists to competitors.

Some companies think they are solving the problem with an on-staff broker, but unfortunately, this is often a losing position. Firstly, a broker is an employee and his responsibility for the performance of his official duties is limited by his salary, while a brokerage and logistics company, like ours, bears full legal responsibility to its Customer, besides, instead of one or two brokers, a whole brokerage and logistics company Hals Market with brokers in the office, at customs and at the border. In addition, being in another region, far from the border, the Customer incurs unforeseen costs. Why bring the goods to the regional customs office at the terminal, if you can carry out customs clearance of imported goods directly at the port / at the border. Thus, the Customer saves on costs, such as the review when leaving the port or at the border, and the review at the customs terminal in the region.

The state cannot get rid of us because we are “your lawyer” – your armor. As a rule, the customs and other structures know that GALS MARKET will not leave and will defend its Customer, we will “tear” everyone for a just cause. Working with GALS MARKET, you can be confident that we will protect you and your interests. It’s a matter of honor for us. For many years we have been defending the interests of our customers – partners. For many clients, the GALS MARKET group of companies is “Doctor Aibolit” who will always come to the rescue. Even when others have turned their backs on you.

We can boast of customs clearance in one day. But do not confuse brokerage services with filing a customs declaration. Submitting a declaration is only part of the work that our specialists do.

Group of companies “GALS MARKET” will select a manufacturer of quality goods or a verified buyer abroad, and will analyze the agreement. Our clients always have knowledge of market trends: world prices, Ukrainian market prices, world trade trends. Our Client is always in control of the situation and is several steps ahead of the competition. While you are at customs or your cargo is wandering in the sea and on land, our Customers have long accepted the goods cleared by us at the warehouse or delivered the cargo to another point in the world and are already knocking on the door of your customers. “… Do not be late for the last train – the rails will disappear after the train … And you need to collect works of art, not consumer goods …”

Our service was appreciated by both small companies and large holdings that import / export a variety of goods and complex objects.

Who are we? We are a group of companies “GALS MARKET”: Firstly, it is a brokerage and logistics holding (license series АА No. 000039 dated 23.10.15), which has been flourishing for more than 10 years in the field of foreign economic transactions with a wide range of goods.

Secondly, we carry out customs clearance of goods directly at the border crossing / at the port of unloading, thereby we we minimize unnecessary costs, as well as speed up the process of customs clearance of goods.

Thirdly, we have a central office in the city of Odessa and an office in the city of Kiev, as well as the presence of mobile groups of brokers to resolve “field” issues and provide a wide range of services throughout Ukraine.

Fourthly, we are ready to offer competitive prices for sea and land freight, as well as a full range of turnkey services – from door to door, freight forwarding (sighting of orders, conducting inspections in the “on-line “, Weighing, coordination with all authorities), consolidated warehouse services in Europe and Asia, customs clearance of goods, certification and others permits (phytosanitary findings, etc.), delivery to your warehouse as soon as possible.

And, finally, the GALS MARKET group of companies is one of the most successful providers of integrated logistics services, which enables us to offer fast and high-quality service. We consider each delivery order as a special case, and for our part we provide the Customer with full analytics of the proposed transaction.

Our goals and principles always coincide with your desires, namely, prompt and high-quality service and minimization of your costs.

Choosing us, you choose a successful guaranteed direction of development!